20160916 Friday Open Wod

Posted: September 15, 2016 by courtland07 in Uncategorized


5 Sets of:

 10 False Grip Ring Row

 10 Strict Ring Dip

 5 Tuck Up Lower To L-Hang


Team Series Event 2

Relay as individuals

100 double-unders

25 toes-to-bars

25 deadlifts (225 / 155 lb.)

50 box jump overs (24 / 20 in.)

Order: M-F-M-F

Time cap: 25 minutes



T2B-> Sit ups


BJs -> Box step overs

  1. bruce says:

    Hey courtland! So, not to be the person who always has a suggestion… but could we plan a WOD with some kind of swimming or using the pool in some way? We were talking about it before the evening class. and agreed It’d be a blast, and not many people have access to a pool down a track, so why not take advantage of it? I Know we did one in the Winter Warrior games.

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