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Team Offutt are you ready for February?  I am sure you are.  So as many of you already know we are making some changes for February and March.

First, we are biasing our training to helping you improve on the Air Force PT test.  Yes, this will also help our Navy, Army and Marine Corp brothers and sisters, but let’s face it.  The Air Force has the hardest test so if you can ace it, you can ace…  Wait, even I can’t say that with a straight face.

What you can expect to see is a lot more running.  Short, middle and even long distance.  We will have more body weight work as well.  This will take place primarily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We are still keeping out Tuesday and Thursday classes with a more “traditional” CrossFit programming.

Second, with the change in focus we are opening up our classes to everyone!  This means for February and March we are not holding our on-ramp class.  We will teach new members everything they need in the class.

Now, I know you all are dying to know what the programming will be.  Well.  I am going to give you all of February’s programming all at once.  Few things to point out about the programing.

1 – it is five days a week.  For optimal results we recommend that on Saturday you do a long hike (think 5-15 miles, preferably with a light ruck on) or a moderately easy paced 5k run.  Just something to keep you moving.

2 – On Sunday, take the day off from working out, but do work on mobility, flexibility and relaxing.  Yoga is a GREAT thing to do.

3 – Other than testing days, all PUSH-UPS are HAND RELEASE!  We want to train harder than we test.

4 – Other than testing days all SIT-UPS are Butterfly with the fingers touching the ground behind your head and the ground in front of your toes!  *unless we specify GHDs, in which case those are parallel torso to touching the metal foot brace.

Now, even with the greatest programming in the world you won’t see results if you don’t put in the effort.  The effort is not just in the gym it is also, and more importantly, in the Kitchen.  Watching what you eat is critical.

A good rule of thumb it this.  For every 10 pounds of body weight you lose, you will run 1 minute faster on a 1.5-3.0 mile course.

So.  Here is Februarys programming in all of it’s glory.  Check back often because I may have to make some changes as the month progresses.

4 Feb 19 – USAF Pt Test

1 minute max reps push-up

5 min rest

1 min max rep sit ups

10 min rest

1.5 mile run

5 Feb

Strength – KB complex – EMOM 10 minutes

2 reps- Clean, squat, press, Snatch (1.5/1.0) Even Min = Left Arm, ODD min = Right arm

WOD – 15 Min AMRAP

250 M row

20 Russian KB Swings (1.5/1.0)

6 Feb

Skill – Pose Running Technique

WOD – 10 RFT

Run 200M

10 Squat (135/95)

7 Feb

WOD – 5 rounds for time, 25 Min CAP

50’ Yoke walk (300/200)

100M Sprint carrying 45# plate

10 Stone over shoulder (150/100)

100M sprint carrying 45# plate

10 DB push press (55/35)

100M sprint Carrying 45# plate

(NOTE: If we have more athletes than yokes, they can start at any non-running part of the circuit)

8 Feb

Strength – Hand Release Push up, 5×10

Med Ball Butterfly Sit up 5×10

(Note: Do push-ups then sit-ups.)

WOD – E3MOM for 30 Min

Run 400M. (note: if an athlete does not complete the 400M in 3 min, they rest the remaining time and go on the next round. So, if they fail to make round 5 and finish 20 seconds into round 6. They rest all of round 6 and go on round 7. They will do 9 total rounds vice 10)

11 Feb

WOD – E2MOM for 10 Rounds

Run 200M

Finisher – 100 KB Snatch (1.5/1.0) with a 5 min time cap

12 Feb

Strength – Deadlift E2M 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6 Build to heavy double (think 85-90% 1RM). Second 4 and 6 MUST be heavier than first.

WOD – For time:

Cash in – Row 500m

10 Pull ups

20 Box Jump overs (24 all)

30 wall balls (20/14)

40 GHD Sit ups

30 Wall balls

20 Box Jump overs (20 all)

10 Pull ups


13 Feb

Swim 25M – 10 push ups

Swim 50M – 10 push ups

Swim 75M – 10 push ups

Swim 100M – 10 push ups

Swim 75M – 10 push ups

Swim 50M – 10 push ups

Swim 25M – 10 Push ups

Swim 25M – 10 squats

Swim 50M – 10 squats

Swim 75M – 10 squats

Swim 100M – 10 Squats

Swim 75M – 10 squats

Swim 50M – 10 Squats

Swim 25M – 10 Squats


14 Feb

Strength – Squat Clean 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 (set a new 1 RM)


Run 100M

10 Cleans @ 50% of highest single from Strength piece

20 Hand Release Push ups

20 Butterfly Sit ups

15 Feb

Skill – Pose Running technique

WOD – 6 RFT (25 min time cap!)

Run 400M

15 Hand Release Push ups

15 Butterfly Sit ups

15 Wall ball

18 Feb

Strength – Pull up 5x5x5x5x5 (add weight if unbroken)

WOD – 18 Min AMRAP

10 Strict press – 95/65

25’ bear crawl

10 front squat (135/95)

25’ bear crawl

19 Feb

WOD – Pool time! 5 rounds for time

Swim 25 Yards

10 squats

Swim 25 yards

10 push ups

Arms pull only 25 yards

10 squats

Arm pull only 25 yards

10 push ups

Leg kick only 25 yards

10 squats

Leg kick only 25 yards

10 push ups


20 Feb

Skill – Pose running Technique

WOD – For time

Run 200M

25 air Squats

Run 400M

25 Air Squats

Run 800 M

25 Air Squats

Run 800M

25 Air Squats

Run 400M

25 Air Squats

Run 200M

21 Feb

WOD – Back Squat 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Build to a new 1 RM. Plan on approx. 3 min per round

FINISHER – 1 Min, row max meters

22 Feb

Strength – Spend 10 min working on mobility focusing on legs and shoulders

WOD – 8 rounds

Row 500M, 1 min rest


25 Feb

Strength – Feet elevated push-ups (Put feet on 20 inch box, and do push-ups)

WOD – “Down the mountain”

100 Wall balls

100M Sprint

80 butterfly sit-ups

100M sprint

60 push ups

100M sprint

40 squats

100M sprint

20 pull ups26 Feb

Strength – Snatch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 (set new 1 rm)

WOD – 5 min AMRAP, 5 min rest, 5 min AMRAP

5 Pull ups, 10 push-ups, 15 Squats

27 Feb

WOD – Jog a 5k. NOTE: This is a jog, not a run. Just want people to move. Time cap it at 36 minutes.

28 Feb


Run 400M

20 Hand release push ups

30 wall balls


1 Mar USAF Pt Test

1 minute max reps push-up

5 min rest

1 min max rep sit ups

10 min rest

1.5 mile run

March programming will be forthcoming.  Hope you all enjoy!


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