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Tuesday 20120501 Open Workout

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Hollow body position/Hollow Rock

Videos Courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  A recent visitor to Omaha, Coach Paoli going over the hollow body/hollow rock positioning.  The Hollow Body is essential in so many movements.  Key to keeping good midline stablization.

Watch both parts.  Learn how to transfer body tension while maintaining the neutral, hollow position with the Hollow Rock.  Learn it, love it!

Ring Dip

Now that you’ve learned that hollow positioning, translate it into tight core in ring dips


Max effort on Push Ups, followed by Max Effort on Sit Ups, followed by max effort on Pull Ups.

Rest 5 Minutes.  During this time, figure out 40% of your max effort rep numbers for all three movements, because at the end of your rest…

On the minute for three minutes, do 40% of max effort reps of push ups.  At the end of third minute, you will start…

On the minute for three minutes, do 40% of max effort reps of sit ups.  At the end of the third minute, you will start…

On the minute for three minutes, do 40% of max effort reps of pull ups.

Record max effort numbers and successful sets to comments/

Extra Credit: 3X L-Sits 30 Sec.

Pic of the great Annie Sakamoto courtesy of CrossFit Norcal

Cash Out:

3 sets of 10-15 reps of  GHD sit ups

Pic of the those involved in the first ever Team Offutt Tactical Fitness Paleo Challenge.  Can’t wait to see the changes at the end of 30 days!  Be strong!

Monday 20120430 Open Workout

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Bottom of Squat Position

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  One of the areas people lose their positioning on the squat is at the bottom.  This drill will help that problem.  Hold the bottom for 3 minutes.  Follwed by…


Work on 3RM on Back Squat.

After 2 sets of 15 with an empty bar, go 7, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3.  Increasing weight each set.



15x 90%(3RM) BS

Farmers/Object Walk 400m @ 1.5/1  Pood or 45/25 # Bumper Plate.  Carry one in each hand

80 Iron Mikes (alternating jumping lunges)

Video courtesy of Hyperstrike.  Good illustration of Iron Mikes

15 minute cutoff

Record time/thoughts to Comments/

Extra Credit (for the more advanced, but anyone can try!) – 25 GHD’s

Cash Out:

Couch/Band Stretch. 2 min ea for ea leg

The CrossFit Regional Season has begun!  For coverage go here

Paleo Challenge!

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This Sunday, we will be having a special meeting at 1400 in the TactFit area to discuss our Paleo Challenge.  We will have Jen Crawford-Petersen giveing a smeinar on the benefits and method of Paleo eating.  After that we will lay down the rules for the challenge.  This will be followed by a suprise WOD.  So a full day of fun!

Come join us! What do you have to lose, other than stuff you don’t want! 🙂

Friday 20120427 Open Workout

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-Spend 10 minutes working hip mobility

Go through the Super Squat Hip sequence, the groin stretch from earlier this month.  Use the time for whatever one you want to try.  Or, try this new one…

I’ll say it for you….OUCH!!!! 🙂  Be careful with this one, and please use a partner when placing the plate on and off.  Team up, you’ll have time.

-Spend 5 minutes “Mashing” triceps to get a good front squat rack position.

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Watch at the 3:05 mark for the tricep work

-Work muscle up technique

Video Courtesy of CrossFit Santa Clara.  Jason Khalipa going over the Muscle Up Technique.  For a lot of you, this will be the second or third time this month you’ll be getting to work on this technique.  How far into the progression did you get last time?  Did you get a muscle up?   Did you get past doing these on your knees?  Where would be a good place to find this info?  YOUR LOGBOOK!  You don’t have one?  What?  Having a log book is so essential to tracking your progress.  Results happen at a better pace when you track them!


Π(pi) Guy

Finish the below in 12 minutes:

Do reps of 3, then 1, then 4 (get it? Π?) of

Muscle Ups

Handstand Push Ups

Front Squat (225/135)

So, you will do 3 Muscle Ups, 3 HSPU, 3 FS, the 1 MU, then 1 HSPU, then 1 FS, then 4 MU, then 4 HSPU, then 4 FS.

YES, this is a very short time period, meaning, we want you to (safely) haul ass through this WOD!  Short amoutn fo reps, short time = High Power Output in a very short time

Scaling options will be…


1 MU = Prescribed

1 HSPU = Prescribed

Front Squat = Prescribed


1 MU = 3 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups, 3 Ring Dips

1 HSPU = Inverted Push up on Box

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly


1 MU = 3 Regular kipping Pull ups (no band), 3 Ring/Box Dips

1 HSPU = Inverted Pushup on Box

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly


1MU = 3 Banded Pull ups, 3 Box Dips

1 HSPU = Barbell Shoulder Press (135/95) – or adjust accordingly

Front Squat = Adjust Weight Accordingly

Write time/scale options to comments/

Cash Out:

Lat Stretch on floor, Foam roll out back

Thursday 20120426 Open Workout

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Medball Cleans

Picture courtesy of FunctionalStrengthCrossFit

Straight from your CF Journal Study Guide


• Stance = shoulder width or slightly wider/ Weight in heels/Back arched/lumbar curve locked in/Shoulders over the ball/ Ball on the floor between the legs with clearance for the arms/Arms straight, palms on outside of the ball; fingertips pointing down


• Accelerate through the heels from the ground to full extension of the hips and legs/Shrug, with straight arms/Hip retreats; land in a full front squat, with the elbows beneath the ball/Stand to full extension with ball in the rack position to/complete the movement/Return to setup

Here’s the progression we’ll go through

1. Deadlift (focus on good setup)

2. Deadlift Shrug (focus on fast extension and shrug with no arm bend)

3. Front Squat (focus on depth of the catch)

4. Shrug and Drop Under (focus on shrug and beating the ball down, catching low and tight)

5. Full Medicine Ball Clean


The coaches will go into technique before class, as well as go over scale options such as walking your legs back instead of dropping down.  Well also touch on how the pushup down does not have to be strict.  You can actually use it as a mini break as long as you catch your body safely.  For extra research, take some time and look up some good videos on certain websites like mobility WOD or CrossFit HQ.


10! (10-9-8-7…)

For time


Medball Cleans (20/14)

Box Jumps (24/20)

So 10 Burpees, 10 Medball Cleans, 10 Box jumps, 9 Burpees, 9 Medball Cleans, 9 Box Jumps, ect….

Cash Out:

Take a good 5-10min to stretch the hips and legs

Video Courtesy of Reebok CrossFit.  I dare you to watch this and not want to do a WOD!  Get some!

Wednesday 20120425 Open Workout

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KB Swings –

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Points to remember:
Drive with hips
Maintain good lumbar curve, tight core
Weight in the heels, chest up
Finish with weight fully extended overhead, active shoulders

Overview of Ground to Overhead

-This can be any way you want.  Full snatch, power sntch, power clean and jerk, full clean intoa thruster, whatever you want.  Whatever you are the most efficient at.  The only requirement is the bar starts on the ground and ends with you standing, hip fully extended and active shoulder, arms locked out overhead.


The Gas Guzzler

For time

10 Ground to Overhead (135/95)

25 Ring Dips

10 Ground to Overhead

Row 500m

10 Ground to Overhead

25 KB Swings (1.5/1)

10 Ground to Overhead

Run 800m

Post thoungs/time to comments/

Cash Out:

Find your O2

Video from last Sunday’s “Headhunter” WOD.  Thanks Coach Bryan for putting the clips together and to some good music.  I apologize for some bad camera work  (my fault) and a little bit of cussing (my fault again). 

But, once again, thank you all who cmae out to make this an awesome event honoring some great soldiers.  Never forget.

Tuesday 20120424 Open Workout

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 Hip and Ankle mobility.

  • Perform the ankle mobility by tying a band around a squat rack, putting it around your ankle, move banded foot out from rack for tension on the band. Squat down and move knee around, taking that banded ankle through a dynamic range of motion.

To illustrate, video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Just watch the first 2 and a half minutes for the band stretchUnlike what Kelly does on the video, we can use the rig to anchor down our bands.  No broken doors, right?  Either pair up to hold the foot down, or do it on your own.  Do two minutes each side.  Make sure you do a squat test before, after one leg, and after two legs.

This will lead right to our skill work of……


Back Squat Technique

  • Shoulder width stance, Hips back, heel planted, knees track with the toes, feel like you’re contracting the hamstrings when coming down, Drive through the heels, chest up, Head neutral.


3 Rounds For Time:

5 Back Squat (225/135)

10 Burpees

15 Round offs/ Cartwheels

20 Sit ups

Post time/thoughts to comments/

Cash Out:

Stretch out hips and regain sense of balance

Great shot of our most recent on-ramp graduates.  Watch out for these beasts! (and I mean beast in the nicest way possible)