Getting Started

So, how can you join in on Team Offutt Tactical Fitness?  Join our On-Ramp Program.

Our On-Ramp program is designed to introduce new athletes to the fundamentals that Tact-Fit’s programming is based on.  It runs for 4 weeks, consisting of 12 workout sessions and one end-of-course evaluation.

We offer only 1 class a month…starting at the beginning of the month, running 0600-0700 M-W-F, limited to 25 participants.

Contact us to schedule

* *No cost!**

If you think you’ve got what it takes to skip the On-Ramp Program, visit our Test-Out page!

What you will need:

Open-mindedness about fitness, enthusiasm, desire to see other succeed!

Log book – must have – write down what you learn, what you did, how fast you did it and at what weight or intensity, what you ate, and how you felt every day!  We will check it.  More on this as we move through On Ramp.

Water Bottle – it is a long way to the water fountain – part of your WOD’s will be for time – you do not want to have to run over to the water fountain.

Shoes – You will develop a preference for a light weight no cushion shoe over time.  Original Chuck Taylor Converse are great shoes to start with.  You can decide for yourself later what works best for you.

Athletic loose fitting clothing – you will sweat – cotton not preferred.

What you will get from us:

A well organized and planned program for teaching you the basics of fundamental movement.

We are known to start on time and finish on time (We like the idea of knowing you know the schedule and you can count on it) – (due to the amount of skill work we do and the numbers of On Rampers, there will be times where your static stretching cool down will be on your own time)

You will get a description of the day’s warm-up (yes — we really warm up), skill(s) to be learned, WOD, and static stretching cool down. You will then receive instruction in each of these to include demonstrations, Movement Progressions, and Cues for correcting your form.

We will work Form, Consistency of that form, and then and only then add intensity.

The skills are building blocks – you must attend each in order or your base will be weak – make each WOD.  We will allow no more than three make up days during the on-ramp, and it will be your responsibility to work with the coaches on make-up times – if you miss more than three days; there will be other ways to complete your On Ramp the next month.

If you have prior CrossFit experience, we do offer a test-out option to bypass the on-ramp program.  Speak with one of our coaches for information.

To sign up, send an email with the following information…





Athletic back ground

Any injuries or health issues

Which class you’re signing up for.

Classes will be first-come, first-served.  We will email you once we have a spot for you in one of the classes.


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