Meeting Minutes

This page is for all coaches and athletes. This is a way for you to stay in the loop and know whats going on behind the scenes, as well as know how you can help make this program even more awesome! CAN!

CrossFit Team Offutt Tactical Fitness Meeting Minutes: Tue 12 Aug 1600 and Mon 18 Aug 1130

Reminders to all coaches:

  • All: think of how to renew/maintain the “Spark” that keeps athletes coming back!
  • Make new people/recent on-rampers feel welcome
  • Check for waivers for new arrivals
  • Ask if medical issues will limit the athletes


  • Who cannot access google calendar at work?  Want to make it the official calendar.
  • Kim Dewitt to be new scheduler?
  • Can we link our google calendar to the web site?

CPR Certification:

  • Important: Recent head injury, heart attack, and stress headaches, for example
  • Jeff has information about opportunities to get the certification at STRATCOM or at the Clinic
  • Jeff will offer another class soon
  • If not certified, please get it done

Afternoon class time:

  • Current coaches: Carly, Mark and John
  • Current standing vacancies: Thur, and soon some Tuesdays
  • Can anyone step up?
  • Is the time right?  (After some discussion, consensus was 1630 is right, if any change, consider 1645)

Continued Training: CF restructuring certs

  • L1: Same
  • L2: formerly coach’s prep
  • L3: L1+L2 + hours (Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT))
  • L4: Maintain L3 (continued training hours) + Certification (Certified CrossFit Coach(CCFC))

Certification issues:

  • Priority will always be L1’s (pre-req/life-blood)
  • Propose send next 2 shadows to L1 soon!
  • Recruit promising new shadows
  • As $ supports, propose 1 cert for 1 year of service

Cert Options: For consideration to bring here, and/or for continuing training elsewhere

  • Online classes available, including Judges Course and Anatomy


  • STRATCOM Resilience Committee brief: VP to present this month
  • Reach out to CDR USSTRATCOM: 2 brief interactions so far, + reach out to his EXEC
  • Global Strike Resilience Committee: VP to brief this month
  • Look for opportunities to engage others, and take them.  Keep Pres and VP informed, esp wrt key leaders
  • Wing CAF day: will be looking for our support for [an event?] that day.  27 Sep.

“Good Idea Fairy”: ideas that have gone no-where: (names in brackets have stepped up to take issue on)

  • Jump ropes [Mimi]
  • Signs (wall balls, warm ups, CFTOTF, etc…) [Jeff]
  • Arts and crafts (Oly platforms/Jerk blocks, etc…) [Jason]
  • Child Area (fenced) [insufficient interest at this time… ]
  • PR Board [Logan]

Programming overview:

  • To include more benchmark WODS
  • To include more recurring WODS in order to allow tracking progress

Winter Team Competition:

  • Event Director: Logan Kerschner
  • Likely name: “Winter Warior” (WWI, WWII, etc…)
    • Can’t have “CrossFit” in the name
    • Can’t have “TacFit” in the name
  • Likely date: Sun 18 Jan (need confirmation from Gym
  • Need volunteers- Logan to solicit soon:
    • Head Judge and Judges
    • Programmers (~3)
    • Score Keeper(s)
    • Sponsor Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Advertising (and club outreach)
    • Celebrity recruitment

Other discussions:

  • If we ever do a name change (ie. Shorten it, or take “Offutt” out of it, etc…), there was a recommendation for “Bockscar CrossFit” (VP note- while I see no need to change, if we did, I like this name for here)
  • If problems with treatment of wall balls- consider locking that cage.
  • Upcoming Thanks Giving internal comp and pot luck 12 Nov.
  • Wing CAF Day 27 Sept- a “CrossFit-like” competition.
  • Front Office Gear: Black shirts lingering, gray shirts selling well, out of WOD books.
  • Guest Speakers (Coach Glassman, area coaches/athletes, etc…)
  • More social events like BBQs desired, not necessarily tied to competitions
  • LogWod- cancelled due to lack of participation.  A common app is still desirable.


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