Coach Bios


Coach Courtland Holloway
USAF Zipper Suited Sun God
TOTF Status: TOTF President, Lead Coach and Media Manager 
Family: Wife Amber and son Caiden.
I am from the greatest place Alabama has to offer Auburn. WAR EAGLE 
Grew up in Alabama for most of my life. I love to have fun while doing anything that is worth doing including when times get rough during a workout squeezing out a smile or joke every now and again. I don’t take things super seriously but I am completely committed to giving all the athletes the best coaching possible.
I started crossfit in late 2011 after watching my first Crossfit Games on ESPN. A few weeks later I had a friend who had recently completed their Level 1 show me some of the basic movements of crossfit. I cut my hand doing an overhead squat in a power rack with only 65 pounds on the bar which is a relatively light weight for me. From then I wanted to do what I could to better execute all things crossfit. A journey that I am happy to continue everyday. 
Favorite WOD: Elizabeth and Grace (why chose when you can do both) 
Certificates: Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Level 2
Goals: Complete my USAW certification, Crossfit Endurance certification, and Gymnastic certifications. Have Chick Fil A be my sponsor for going to the Crossfit Games one day. Also to not hate body weight movements every time I see them. Lol


CF Clean

Coach Edmond “Eddie” Weirick

Occupation: Submarine Communications Officer

TOTF Status: Coach & TOTF Vice President

Family: Undisclosed

Home state: Oklahoma

I started CrossFit in January 2014.  

Favorite WOD:  Murph – The most challenging benchmark WOD I’ve ever done (and the longest, coming in at just under 48 minutes last time I did it).

Favorite cheat meal: Cheeseburgers

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Goals: I have a short term goal to get to Regional level conditioning. I’m getting pretty close. Just need to get heavier lifts. I legitimately want to qualify for the CrossFit Games one day. If guys like Cody Anderson and Chris Spealler can do it, so can I. We’re all three almost exactly the same size. It is also my goal to make Captain (O-6) before I retire from the Navy. 



Coach Jason Howell

TOTF Status: Lead Coach and advisor

Family: Wife (who thinks I am crazy for being a CrossFitter), and three great kids

I have lived all around the mid-west because of the AF.

I am a huge Nebraska Cornhuskers and Chicago Bears fan!!  

Background – I was a competitive swimmer and diver in high school. Power lifter and and rowed in college. I started Crossfit in 2011 after returning from Iraq.

Favorite WOD:  Murph – Yes it SUCKS, but it is supposed to SUCK.  

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Level 2, USAW Olympic Weightlifting Certified

Goals: Fran under 10 minutes RX. DONE got it in 8, super proud. 1000 combined (bench, squat, deadlift) almost at 900 now. 225 clean and jerk, 135 snatch, 15 strict hand stand push ups and 50 double unders unbroken. 


atlas stone-jp

Coach John Palumbo “JP”

Occupation: Department of Air Force Civilian

TOTF Status: Lead Coach

Family: Wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 grandchild

Favorite WOD: Any that is over and not the one that is getting ready to start

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Level 2, USAW Olympic Weightlifting Certified, Crossfit Kettlebell, Crossfit Defense

Goals: Clean up my eating, survive each workout without injury, keep progressing on the technical lifts.


Coach Bryan Holm

Occupation: USAF, Linguist

TOTF Status: Lead Coach

Family: Wife, Cheryl and 2 kids, Trystan and Teagan

Grew up all over the world as an Air Force brat, but I call STL home.  I worked out (mainly running and interval training) as a PTL for years before finding CF, and started CrossFit when TOTF was brand new to the field house and have been coaching ever since.  I favor strongman workouts and try to balance getting as strong as possible while staying fast enough to keep competitive.

Favorite WOD:  Anything that has stones in it!

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 1 trainer, TRX Level 1

Goals: Become CrossFit Kids certified and start a program wherever I am at the time.



2014-04-04 15.29.18

Coach Carl Eitzen

Occupation: trumpet player, USAF Heartland of America Band

TOTF Status: Lead Coach 

Family: wife Jennifer, kids Claire (4) & William (1.5)

I am from…San Diego, CA

I started CrossFit in August 2012.  

Favorite WOD:  Anything that is going to push me beyond my physical/psychological limitations.

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and CrossFit Level 2 

Goals: To continue to get faster & stronger and obliterate my weaknesses.  Also, to make regionals within the next 3 years.



Coach Ashley Jabara


Occupation: Navy Intelligence Specialist Reservist

TOTF Status: Coach

I moved here at the end of July to start a Nurse Residency Program at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  I started doing Crossfit deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. I really like how you could never possibly get bored with it and the sense of community you feel like any other sport you may participate in. I got my Level 1 in August 2015. 

  1. Laurie says:

    A big THANK YOU to all of the Coaches for volunteering their time and experience to teach others!

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