18Sept2013 All-TOTF Meeting Minutes

For those who missed last week’s all-TOTF meeting, here are the minutes…

Meeting Agenda:

-Play area/child care in the north end

-Cost:  $20k, will not happen until sequestration is repealed and we get the budgets that we were used to.
-Fundraise 20k (no takers)
-Create a rotating babysitter.  Basically someone volunteers to watch kids at the south end while everyone else works out.  Please note:  This is not supported or sanctioned by the field house or TOTF.

-Gym Relations:  Comment/complaint cards.   While it is your right to fill out comment cards, please be mindful of how you fill them out.  Putting the gym or its staff in a negative light will not get things done.  Present the situation in a more positive light (ex. with the child care “The Tactical Fitness Program has done great things for the base community and adding a child care/play area close by could potentially open the area for more members to attend) AND including your name will help get a response back from leadership.

-New Coaches – We need new coaches.  The projections are that we can lose 8-10 coaches next year due to PCS.   TOTF coaches Jason and Mieke will continue to poll CrossFit HQ for possible slots for Level One Certification.  Other options are raising the funds through events like….

-Tact Fit Games

-19 Jan 2014

-Positions that are filled:
-Master of Ceremonies
-Games Director – Overall decision maker during the games.  Keeps the games on schedule.
-Head scoring official – Scores all events and generates the standings lists
-Head Judge – Responsible for training judges and ensuring standards are enforced by all judges.  First step for teams filing a complaint.
-Volunteer director – Gets and directs volunteers.  Makes sure that they are being used properly
-Athlete Director – There to assist the athletes; make sure their needs are met.
-Sponsor Director – coordinates team efforts for obtaining sponsors.  Develops plan for where to place sponsors.  Ensures sponsors have everything they need.
-Multi media director- coordinates team who installs and manages multi-media for the event.  Must have a large projector hooked to Computer/camera so we can broadcast live the events both in house and on the web.
-Sales – Sets up and sells TOTF merchandise at the event.
-Registration website – Builds and keeps up with the registration of teams.
-SF liaison – takes list of competitors, judges and spectators and gets it to SF frothier inclusion on the EAL.
-T-Shirt design /purchase

-Help that we need – (CAN BE COMPETITORS)

-Sponsorship liaison (need 4) – calls and recruits sponsors for the event
-Advertising (need 3) – web and print advertising.  Works with local boxes to generate competitors
-Promotional material – Can be combined with advertising but develops anything we hand out

-We will also need people for
-Set up and tear down (6 each)
-Sign in (4)
-Judges (need 30-40)

-We will have a registration web page for both athletes and volunteers to register on.

-Movement standards and details on the events will be coming out soon

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