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Saturday 20130601 Open Workout @ 0900

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StacieKyle Kasperbauer, NCSchmidtPics courtesy of CrossFit Games.  Couple shots from friends of TOTF at the North Central Regionals this weekend.  Good luck to all of you!
From CrossFit Omaha: Stacie Tovar and Kyle Kasperbauer.  From Fit Farm: Katie Schmitz.
Also, good luck to Team CFO (Jonathan Pnigel, Bryce Teager, Pat Mohs, Katelyn Busacker, Addi Kahrs, Libby Dibiase, Dustin Tovar, and Shelly Bucholz),  and Justin VanBeek from CrossFit Hydro.   You guys are an inspiration!
In honor of their hard work, today’s WOD will be….

2013 Regional Event 6

For Time:
100 Double Unders
50 Handstand Push Ups
40 Toes2Bar
30 Shoulder to Overhead (160/100)
90 foot Walking lunge with bar in Front Rack

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

you get to feel what they will be feeling today 🙂

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Standards of movements for this WOD.  Only changes: there is no wall for you to crawl under to set up for your Handstand Push ups.  Also, you will be using a regular bar, as we have no fat bar axels.

See how you stack up!

Cash Out:

Roll out entire body

Don’t forget to watch coverage of the North Central Regionals this weekend at

Friday 20130531 Open Workout

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Well Homar, it’s partially Paleo 🙂

TOTF’s own Homar Sanchez will be putting on E-5 Friday in front of USSTRATCOM HQ (by the missiles) at 1000.  Would love to see a big TactFit showing one of our current shadow coaches and all around great guy!




Hang Snatch
6×1 @ 70%

Sets start on the minute

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Matt Chan demonstrating the Hang Snatch.  Stand all the way up with the weight with hands in snatch grip.  Keep shoulders tensed as to not let them roll forward.  Bend at the waist, push the hips back, let the bar come to the top of the thighs (this will load up the glutes and hamstrings), then explode up, hit triple extension (hips,knees, ankles) and drop yourself under the bar to land in an overhead squat.




For Time:

400M Walking Lunge

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Some good pointers on proper lunge technique.  The good news, you won;t be using any weight.  The even better news?  YOu get to do 400M!



Cash Out:

-Couch Stretch x4 min per leg
-Mash Hamstring x3 min per leg

After the lunges, trust me, you’ll need it!



Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

3 Rounds for Quality:
Overhead Squat x5 @ 60% of Snatch
10 Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps 30”/24”

Video courtesy of gymnastics WOD.  I know you’ve seen this one before, but anytime we have high box jumps, this lesson is always good to go back through.

Thursday 20130530 Open Workout

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Handstand Push Up Progression- 10 Minutes Kipping Practice

Videos courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the progressions for the Kipping Handstand Push Up, one of the most popular movements. While it may be an impressive feat of strength to do a strict Handstand Push Up, athletes will often train with Kipping Handstsand Push Up as an assistance to scale the HSPU, to practice more volume, or to work on specific skill and motor control drills. Coach Carl discusses this movement from a position, strength, skill, and balance perspective to ensure you are executing this movement for quality.

In this first video, Coach Carl explains all the major components of the HSPU with out getting inverted. First, Carl demonstrates how to set up and establish a strong base for the HSPU. From there, Carl talks about how to engage the back to separate the knees from the elbows while in a headstand and load up the hips for a strong kip. The kip then is an explosive extension of the hips, executed at the same time as you push up through the shoulders. This movement pattern of a Headstand Kip to Push Up position is the same as a Headstand Kip to Handstand, and in the next video we will talk more about taking the movement to inversion.

In this video, Coach Carl continues with the same progression against the wall. Coach Carl starts by executing the same drill with chest against the wall from a distance of a body length, then progressively shortening the distance to the wall and increasing the angle of the HSPU until he is fully vertical. Next, Coach Carl flips around to execute the movement with back against the wall. It’s important to focus on the setup of the back position, loading the hips for the kip, and making the kick deliberate and aiming to finish in a strong overhead position. Push the head through the arms and look at the ceiling, not the floor, as you would with an overhead press and you’ll find your body finishing stronger and balancing straighter.


For Time:
Ring Dips                                     10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
KB Swings(1.5/1)(FB 2/1.5)  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Always wonder why we tell youto turn the thumbs out at the top of a dip?  Kelly Starrett discusses the correct position at the top of the ring dip: external rotation with hands at 11 and 1. “To solve problems with ‘Hey, my shoulders hurt whenever I ring dip,'” Starrett says, “Look at where you started: internally rotated, shoulder forward, trashing the front of your shoulder.”

Cash Out:

-Banded tricep stretch x2 min per
-RDLs @ 50% of Deadlift 1RM 3×15

Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class time on your own):

100 Kettlebell Swings 2pd/1.5pd for time; every rest is 5 Handstand Push Ups (do them at the end)

Col RoutsisJust want to take a minute to say so long to another TOTF member.  Col Donovan Routsis, the now former 55 Communications Group Commander, is on his way to DC.  Safe travels, my friend.  See you down the road!

Wednesday 20130529 Open Workout

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Clean Deadlift into Clean Extension 3×3 @ 120% of Clean 1RM


Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Wil Fleming.  A good example between a traditional dead lift and a Clean Dead lift.  With the Clean Dead lift (as we will be doing today), the bar path begins with the bar coming back towards the body, so that means you need to get the knees out of the way.  Today we’ll focus on 1st and 2nd pull of the clean.  Focus on the bar path going back on 1st pull, then continue to push knees back, keep shoulders over the bar as you come up, then explosively open the hips and shrug up HARD for the 2nd pull.  Finish with triple extension (hips, knees, ankles)



4 Rounds:
10 Toe2Bar
12 Alternating Kettlebell Snatches (1.5/1) (2/1.5 for FB)
200M Run

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Goal= Go unbroken per movement.  Meaning when you start your Toe2Bar, go unbroken.  Then, rest as needed before starting KB snatch, but do what you can to go unbroken.  Then, don’t stop during run.  This is a training day, where we want perfect form in the moves over speed.  The unbroken aspect is to push your endurance through the movement.  Can they keep perfect form and NOT stop per movement?  Challenge yourself! Doing it for time is an afterthought.  The goal is UNBROKEN!  This means if you want to mark this as RX’d, then each section must be done UNBROKEN.



Cash Out:

-Reverse Hyper extensions with a 3 sec negative – 4 rounds of 20
-Hang from pull up bar x 2 minutes


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Clean High Pull: Establish 3RM

60 Total GHD’s

SaltTOTF member and current Shadow Coach David “Salt” Bacot (not to mention 2WXG Commander.  Notice how many Sq and Group Commanders we have at TactFit?  Talk about leading from the front!) representing TactFit at AllSport CrossFit.  Our legend keeps growing….

Tuesday 20130528 Open Workout

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TOTF Murph 2013Big thanks to all who came out for Memorial Day Murph.  You guys are what make this community great!


now, on to today’s work…



Jerk Dip Squat + Power Jerk 3×3+3 @ 80% of Jerk 1RM

Post weight used to Comment/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Shelton Stevens.  The Jerk Dip Squat is essentially the Jerk Dip/Drive without punching the weight up.  So, per round, do 3 of those, then 3 power (push) jerks.




20Min AMRAP:
5 Curtis Ps (115/70)(135/95 for Firebreathers)
50 Double Unders


Post rounds completed to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Seal Fit.  As a reminder, a Curtis P is 1 power clean, 1 lunge left foot, 1 lunge right foot, 1 push press.  Keep the torso upright through the movements.


Cash Out:

-Glute Ham Raise 4×15

-Couch stretch x3 min per leg



Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Push Press 5×3 @ 80% of C&J 1RM

five minutes later…

100 Push-ups for Time



Monday 20130527 Memorial Day Murph @ 0900

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For those who have took part in yesterday’s Memorial Day WOD for Warriors Tribute and will take part in today’s WOD, I would like to say thank you from our staff. 

While we should all take time this weekend to be with family and friends, this is also a time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we would be able to enjoy these good times.  I can’t think of a better way to honor them than by pushing ourselves through these workouts that were made in their honor.

Therefore, today’s WOD will be….






For Time:

Run 1 mile

100 Pull ups

200 Push ups

300 Air Squats

Run 1 mile


There will be a 45 minute cut-off.  Scaling options will be posted on the board.


Record time to comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of USNavyVisualNews


murph180Pic courtesy of CrossFit HQ


In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.



Cash Out:


Heel Cord Mash x 2 minutes per side


Banded Lat Stretch x 2 minutes per side


Banded Pec Stretch x 2 minute per side.


Saturday 20130525 Open Workout @0900

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Don’t forget, there will only be one class on Monday, Memorial Day.  It will be @ 0900.  Classes will be back to normal on Tuesday



Pic courtesy of Military Times

Memorial Day WOD For Warriors Tribute

Teams of two complete two rounds of the following:
21 Pull-ups
21 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20)
21 Firemans Carry Back Squat
21 Burpee Box Jumps(24/20)
21 Pull-Ups
Order will be Partner 1, partner 2, partner 1, partner 2

So for a Round, Partner 1 goes through the whole sequence, then partner 2..  Firemen’s carry means, athlete picks up partner and does squats w/partner on their back.

Veterans support organization Team Red White & Blue is hosting a CrossFit “workout of the day” on May 27 to celebrate Memorial Day.  Since we have other plans for that day, we will do it today.
The workout includes 5 exercises; one for each branch of the military, each with 21 reps to signify a 21 gun salute
Organizers say the partner workout “signifies the bonds we aim to create between our nation’s warriors and the communities they grow in and return to, and doing it twice reflects the fact that we honor both the living and the deceased.”

Go to the original article here for more information.

Post who you teamed with and your time to Comments.  Also, post what Memorial Day means to you.  And, this is just the first of 2 Memorial Day-themed WODs.  Be here Monday @ 0900 for the other.

Video courtesy of CrossFit Cheshire.  Footage from this WOD being done last year.  If you or your partner cannot get the other person up in the fireman’s carry, going piggy-back is an acceptable scale.  BUT, get full depth on that squat!

Cash Out:

Banded Lat Stretch x3 min per

Pigeon Pose x2 min per

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Weighted Stationary Dips – 3×5

3x 87%, 2×90%, 1×92%

Friday 20130524 Open Workout @0900

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Schedule Note!  Due to today and this coming Monday being Down Days for the 4-Day Memorial Day weekend, we will only have one class today and Monday.  Both days will be at 0900.  Please make note.  Also, Saturday’s class will still be at 0900.

SCS On-Ramp grads

Congrats to the members of the 55th Strategic Communications Squadron that just graduated the On-Ramp.  Welcome these folks with open arms when you see them!


Clean & Jerk 6×2 @ 75% of 1RM
Set starts every 2 minutes


Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Technique Work:

Bulgarian Split Squat


Post highest successful weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of High Point Strength.  For Bulgarian Split Squats, you will set the bar on your back like a back squat.  Set one leg behind you on top of either a bench or 20″ box.  Squat with the other leg.  Get the crease of the hip below the knee and then come back up.  Make sure your front knee does not go over your foot.  Be careful on weight jumps with this movement as balance will be key.  Keep the core engaged through the whole move so you don’t start to wobble.


Cash Out:

Mash Hamstrings/Glutes – 2 min per leg

Banded Overhead stretch – 2min per


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):


Thursday 20130523 Open Workout

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Schedule Note!  Due to Friday and next Monday being Down Days for the 4-Day Memorial Day weekend, we will only have one class this Friday and next Monday.  Both days will be at 0900.  Please make note.



Push Press + Push Jerk 7×2+1 @ 70% of Clean and Jerk 1RM

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Look back in your log book or LogWOD to see how much you did on 3May2013 (click here for a refresher)

So, the way this will work per set is, you’ll take the bar from the rack, do 2 Push Presses, then 1 Push Jerk.

The is ALL we are doing today, so make each and every rep as crisp and perfect as possible.  Remember, not everyday is about being smoked and laying on your back at the end of a crazy WOD.  We also need to focus on the techniques that will allow us to move more weight over a longer distance in a shorter amount of time.  Today is one of those days.  Make the most of it!

Video courtesy of Norcal CrossFit.  2009 CrossFit Games champ, Jason Khalipa going over the set up and execution of all three presses.  Watch the Press sequence for a good refresher.  The Push Press part starts at 2:30.  Once again, make sure your technique s solid today.  Don’t overarch your back and don’t hunch forward.

Cash Out:

10 Minutes of  Shoulder mobility (use drills on Mobility Posters on the gym wall)

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

2 Rounds:
-30sec Max Strict Muscle Ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max Kipping Muscle Ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max C2B Pull ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max Pull ups
-2:30min Rest

Papillion HAlfKim Groeper, Kayla Sharp, and Chris Daniels at the Papaillion Half Marathon last week.  Way to kill it guys!

Wednesday 20130522 Open Workout

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Schedule Note!  Due to Friday and next Monday being Down Days for the 4-Day Memorial Day weekend, we will only have one class this Friday and next Monday.  Both days will be at 0900.  Please make note.


Power Clean + Front Squat
7 rounds 1+1 @ 75% of your Clean 1RM

Round starts every minute

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of 23Shamrox.  So, for each round, do 1 Power Clean, then stand fully locked out, and perform 1 Front Squat


3 Rounds For Time:
400M Run
15 Burpee to Plate (45/25)
15 Plate Slams* (45/25)

Post time to Comments/LogWOD
*Plate slam=plate touches ground and goes to Overhead (active shoulder position) and back down

Cash Out:

Reverse Hyperextension – 3 x 25

Banded Front Squat Stretch x 3 min per side

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD. 

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Back Squat:
3×5 @ 85%

north central 2013Pic courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  The North Central Regionals goes down May 31-June 2nd in Chicago?  Anyone going?  Anyone volunteer to judge, help with media, etc…?  Who do you want to see do well?  Discuss in Comments