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Friday 20120330 Open Workout

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Tabata Front Squat (95/65)

To review, Tabata is 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This cycle is repeated 8 times.  Your goal is consistent intensity.  Your score will be the lowest round total of any round. So, if you got 8 your first round,  6 in round two, then 10 for each remaining round, your score is 6.  BUT,….Do.Not.Sandbag!  Don’t give about 70% on round one, set an okay number (okay is relative, okay for you, maybe not for someone else), and then cruise through the rest of the rounds.  Push yourself each and every round!  Is there a chance you might end up with one round that is low?  Sure, but isn’t there an even GREATER chance that you could push yourself to a new level and get more front squats than EVER before?  Dare to be great.

Therefore, enter lowest round to but put your lowest AND HIGHEST round to comments.  Hell, put EVERY round you did to comments.  Also, put how you thought the workout went, how you felt, what curse words were going through your head as you were trucking through these front squats.  And be proud of WHATEVER number you put up!


100 burpees for time (10 minute time limit)

We saw this vid at the start of the CrossFit Games Open (so don’t worry, you don’t have to jump to a 6″ target above your reach, just jump and clap), but I think the lessons Carl Paoli goes over are esential for today’s WOD.

Courtesy of Gymnastics WOD

I suggest coming in BEFORE class starts (you late showers know who you are!) and do the mobility piece Carl talks about. Then, go through the motions for the burpee.  Main thing to remember is hips high when you bring your feet back in, and do NOT drive with the knees.  Drive UP with the hips!  As he says, it’s like a toe to bar on the ground.  Will you see these in the warmup/setup for the WOD?  Maybe.  But we could always use more practice!

Also, don’t forget the current AM on-ramp class will be testing out at 0700.  If you are coming to the 0600 class, hang out and cheer them on!  IF you come to the noon class, still come in at 0700 and cheer on your future Open Class brothers and sisters!

Cash Out:

Tabata rollout

Thursday 20120329 Open Workout

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8 sets of 2 at 87% of your 1RM

Missed a  rep? 3 push presses with same weight.

3 min between sets

Picture courtesy of Coach Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength”   The picture illustrates the “kinetic chain” of the press.  Oh, you thought strict press was just all shoulders?  No, no.   As Coach Rip mentions “The press involves the entire body down to the feet against the floor, using all the trunk musculature and the hips and legs to stabilize the body while the shoulders, upper chest, and arms press the bar overhead.”  What does this mean to you?  Lock your legs out and keep your core tight to generate more power in the press!



50 KB swing (1.5/1) UNBROKEN

Immediately followed by..

25 wallballs (20/14) UNBROKEN

Ball held in hands no more than 2 sec before initiating movement.

2 burpees per rep penalty if it is not unbroken. Example, Only 40 KB swings and had to put it down? Finish your swings, then you owe 20 burpees after your swings are done, but BEFORE wallballs.  Same goes for Wall Balls.  Only got 20 unbroken? 10 burpees after you finish your remaining Wall Balls.  How to prevent this?  Solid technique on both movements, and DON’T STOP! 

But, do NOT sacrifice form for more reps.  If you don’t hit full depth on your squat in the wall ball or you do not hit the target (10′ for guys, 9′ for ladies) with your wallball, the rep does NOT count.  If you have a no-rep, that counts as a break in your reps, meaning that will be the start of your burpee penalty.

Same goes for KB swings.  If you do not finish with the KB completely upside down, and your shoulder in the active shoulder position as in this pic (Courtesy of ATP Kettlebells)

You will hear only two words from your coach NO REP! Don’t make your coach say No Rep!

Get after it!


Cash Out:

250 Row.  Concentrate on your technique

Wednesday 20120328 Open Workout

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72.5% of  1RM

20 reps (UNBROKEN!). DO IT!

Want to see what 20 reps in one set looks like?  Courtesy of Brick CrossFit.  Top Games competitor Andrea Ager doin’ work!  We gonna hear some war cries like this?  Also, notice, she goes to FULL depth all 20 reps!

All this month you guys have been building power in all aspects of squat.  You should FLY through these, BUT don’t cheat yourself out of full range of movement!


AMRAP 10min

10 Ring Dips

10 Body rows

Cash Out:

Roll Out Hamstrings – 2 min ea side

Roll Out quads – 2 min ea side

Tuesday 20120327 Open Workout

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Romanian Dead Lift

Courtesy of CrossFit BN

Note flexed knees the whole time, hamstring contraction.  This movement is great to help with the negative portion of a normal deadlift. By keeping the flexed knees, you get full engagement of the posterior chain.  The increase in strength this will bring to your deadlift is so very vauable!

High hang cleans.

Courtesy of Train the Right way.  Notice the trasition.  We’ll start from going off the bottom of a dip/drive position (mid-thigh) to 2 inches from open hips, to 1 inch, to a full high hang, where the hips are fully open, and the only momentum build will be a high shrug to move the bar and then you QUICKLY drop under the bar.

We will only take a little bit of time working these two manuvers to get you familiar with them before we move on to…


For time




On a WOD like these, having butterfly pullups comes in very handy.  If you still do not have kipping pullups down, continue to work them.  If you are looking to move to a more advanced move, Chris Spealer from CrossFit Park City gives a great progression video (thanks for finding this Joe!)…

Cash Out:

 3×10 Reverse Hypers

3xmax reps bar dips

Monday 20120326 Open Workout

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Thruster (don’t use racks, but you can squat clean your first rep) 115/75

10 minutes.

5 reps  the first minute down to one on the fifth minute, back to 5 on the 10th minute.

So, your reps will be 5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5.  Sets begin on the minute.  Missed reps require a front squat with that weight after time has expired

After watching all you guys put in some monster efforts on the thrusters in the CrossFit Open 1.5 WOD, one thing became very clear.  We as coaches would not being doing right by you unless we do a refresher on proper form throughout the Thruster movement.  This is not a knock on any of you.  I am amazed daily on the progress each of you make.  It just means we want to help you all refine your technique to make this movement more effficient.  What’s the benefit of that?  You’ll be able to move larger loads safely.  Meaning, you will get stronger and NOT hurt yourself.

Courtesy of CrossFit Santa Cruz.  Some good pointers from the 2008 CrossFit Games men’s champ, Jason Khalipa.  Main points to remember, make sure the bar has contact with the shoulders in the front squat, keep the elbows up during the front squat to avoid banging into your knees (unless you want a broken wrist or arm), and see the change in momentum after you come a few inches out of the front squat and really accelerate through the hips to launch the bar in the air.

Post successful rounds/thoughts to comments/


Mini Chipper

750m Row

30 Deadlifts 135/95

40 burpees

50 wallballs 20/14

150 double unders

20 min cutoff

Remember, chippers are like eating an elephant, take it down one bite at a time.

Record time/thoughts to comments/

Cash Out:

Couch stretch – 2 min ea side

KB+PVC shoulder stretch

Friday 20120323 Open Workout

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Courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Like Rob Orlando mentions, don’t treat this like a deadlift or try pushing it across the floor.  Aim for a 45 degree angle, use hip drive!

Why am I talking about tire flips?….

Partner WOD:

Teams of two

For Time

-70 KB swings (1.5/1)– go unbroken as far as you can.  Once you put the KB down, your partner takes over.  This continues until all reps are met.

– Tire flip 40M (Big tire for guys/small for women) (length of black mats), start on end by cage

– 70 partner pull ups (use squat rack pullup bars).  Pull Up is strict with partner pushing up on your back. Go until you can’t then switch positions.  This continues until all reps are met.

-400M run.  Start and finish by tire.  Partners MUST stay at same pace, so you go as fast as the slowest person.

– Tire flip 40M (Big for guys/small for women)back toward cage

-70 tire jumps.  Just like a box jump but with a tire.  Go unbroken.  Once you pause, partner takes over.  This continues until all reps are met.

Post time/thoughts to comments

Courtesy of CrossFit FBO.  What?  You thought you were the only one with excuses?  Nope.  We all hit that spot where we battle with the decision to sleep that extra hour or get our asses to the gym.  Win that battle!

Cash Out:

GHD 3×10

Reverse Hyper 3×10

Thursday 20120322 Open Workout

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CrossFit Open 12.5

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:

3 Barbell Thrusters

3 Chest to bar Pull-ups

6 Barbell Thrusters

6 Chest to bar Pull-ups

9 Barbell Thrusters

9 Chest to bar Pull-ups

12 Barbell Thrusters

12 Chest to bar Pull-ups

15 Barbell Thrusters

15 Chest to bar Pull-ups

18 Barbell Thrusters

18 Chest to bar Pull-ups

21 Barbell Thrusters

21 Chest to bar Pull-ups…

This is a timed workout. If you complete

the round of 21, go on to 24. If you

complete 24, go on to 27, etc.

Weight for Thursters:

Men – 100

Women – 65

For movement standards and Master’s (55 and above) see…

CrossFit Open workout 12.5

Let’s get after it!