Summer Showdown 2014

summer showdown


Looking for the Best in the Mid-West!

Team Offutt Tactical Fitness is hosting a singles competition June 14, 2014. Consisting of 25 RX men, 25 RX women, 25 scaled men, 25 scaled women, 20 masters men, and 20 masters women.


It’s official, Rogue athlete and multi time Games competitor (# 3 in 2012) Kyle Kasperbauer and Gaspari Nutrition athlete and multi time Games competitor Libby Dibiase are both down to be Guest MCs for the Summer Showdown.


stacie boxlife coverpic courtesy of Boxlife

CONFIRMED:  5-time CrossFit Games competitor and Pure Pharma and Again Faster athlete, Stacie Tovar has also joined the MC ranks!


Thank you to the photographers that spent the day capturing such great moments!

Pictures by John Clahoun can be found here 



April 1st through June 10th, or until sold out

Masters is 40 and up as of June 14, 2014

Register Now



Early registration is $50 until May 14th, then the fee will increase to $60

No transfers or refunds



RX: ​(note ​all ​weights ​are ​listed ​male ​/ ​female)

Back ​Squat ​- ​225 ​/ ​165
Clean ​and ​Jerk ​- ​185 ​/ ​135
Snatch ​- ​135 ​/ ​95
Deadlift ​- ​315 ​/ ​225
KB Swing ​2 ​/ ​1.5
Chest ​to ​bar ​pull ​up
Double ​unders
Toes ​to ​Bar
Rope ​climb ​- ​15 ​feet
Ring ​dips
Hand ​Stand ​Push ​Ups
There ​may ​also ​be ​odd ​objects ​(stones, ​mike ​jugs, ​barrels/kegs ​etc) ​not ​to ​exceed ​150 ​/ ​125


SX ​and ​Masters: ​(note ​all ​weights ​are ​listed ​male ​/ ​female)

Back ​Squat ​- ​185 ​/ ​135
Clean ​and ​Jerk ​- ​135 ​/ ​95
Snatch ​- ​105 ​/ ​75
Deadlift ​- ​255 ​/ ​155
KB Swing ​1.5 ​/ ​1
Chin ​over ​bar ​pull ​up
Single ​unders
Knees ​to ​Elbows
Rope ​climb ​- ​15 ​feet
Ring ​Dips
Hand ​Stand ​Hold
There ​may ​also ​be ​odd ​objects ​(stones, ​mike ​jugs, ​barrels/kegs ​etc) ​not ​to ​exceed ​125 ​/ ​100



Offutt Field House on Offutt Air Force Base



6/14/14 at 8:00am

Check in at 7:00am

Awards and Prizes at 7:30pm


Shirts & Prizes:

Athletes shirts will be royal blue with the graphic above. They will be available in mens and women’s style and sizes.

Donations, Sponsors, and Prizes:

A huge thank you to Kory Kearney with Advocare, Active Interest Magazine, Max Muscle Bellevue, and RokFit.



If you are interested in volunteering, please email with the following information so that you can gain access to Offutt AFB. Please have information in no later than June 1st. 

Full Name

Date of Birth

Driver’s License Number and State of Issue

Contact Number

Shirt Size & Style


It’s the moment you all have been waiting for! Here are the standards for WOD 1 of the Summer Showdown:

1 minute to complete as many hand-release pushups as possible
30 seconds of rest
1 minute to complete as many butterfly sit-ups as possible
Immediately followed by a 2-mile run

Here are some things to keep in mind:

For the HRPUs, at the bottom, you must release the hands fully off the ground. At the top, you must be in a full plank position.

For the sit ups, they will be butterfly and must have full range of motion from the shoulder blades touching the mat to sitting completely upright and touching your toes. Once the minute of sit-ups is complete, you will immediately start the 2-mile run.

In your Welcome Letter, you received information on WOD 2 and 3. We will release more specifics on those two WODs here, on this site, tomorrow at noon. And for the finals, you will have to wait until Saturday for those.



9 minute AMRAP


40 double unders
30 double Russian kettlebell swings (1.0/.75)
20 Alternating Pistols
10 Ring Dips



40 single unders
30 American KB swings (1.0/.75)
20 box jumps (24/20)
10 Hand-release push ups



7 minutes of back squats
RX at 225/165
Scaled Masters 185/135

Each athlete will complete 1 back squat every 15 seconds. The bar
must remain on the athletes back between reps. If the bar falls from
the athletes back or is re-racked, they will no longer continue to
back squat. The athlete may take a single “pass” of one 15 second
period that will not count as a rep, but the bar must remain on the

When the athlete finishes the backs squats they are capable of
finishing, they may start deadlifts from the bar on the ground as
tiebreaker points. These will be conducted unbroken and hands must
never leave the bar. Once the athlete’s hands have left the bar they
may no longer conduct deadlifts. At the end of 7 minutes, time will be
called and all work will cease.

Note: If an athlete is “no-rep” for a round, they may attempt to
finish a satisfactory rep before the end of the 15-second cycle. If
they fail to do so, they must take their single “pass” or if they have
already taken the “pass” the may not attempt any further back squats,
but may move to deadlift tiebreakers.

The movements for the semifinals and finals will be released the day of.


Scores From Each Division:

Mens Masters-

Men Master


Mens RX-



Men Rx

Mens Scaled-

Men Scale

Women Masters-

women master

Women RX-

Women rx

Women Scaled-

women scale



  1. Jim Wheeler says:

    What are the ages for masters?
    Thank you

  2. Nathan Lauenstein says:

    Hey guys I have an athlete here at Viral interested in competing. She is 14 years old. I’ll have to test her to see if she meets the scaled standards but if she does are you allowing younger competitors?

    Also those numbers max or WOD numbers?



    • ladygrape01 says:

      As long as the individual can compete with the set
      standards and the parents are present the whole time, then we are ok with
      it. These are not max numbers and the person should be able to
      do these numbers in WODS.

  3. Lisa Bresley says:

    I may have some athletes interested at CrossFit BFC….and I will be there to help Judge. Thanks for putting this on and the standards for Masters/SX are awesome….great place for people just starting out competing to get their feet wet!

    Coach Lisa

    • ladygrape01 says:

      That’s great Lisa! Please let them know that to be guaranteed a shirt they need to register by Monday night. And any one that would like to judge needs to email Kimberly at With name, drivers license number, birthday, and shirt size (men’s or women’s), also by Monday night. Thanks and best of luck athletes!
      Coach Kimberly

  4. Sarah says:

    Are spectators allowed? If so, is there an admission fee and how does someone get on the base?

    • ladygrape01 says:

      In order for spectators to gain access to the base email the following information to Kimberly at:

      Full Name

      Date of Birth

      Driver’s License Number and State of Issue

      Contact Number

  5. Josh Camerer says:

    Will you release aby of the WODs early?

  6. Eric Rose says:

    Will you be releasing any of the Wods early?

  7. Kourtney says:

    Are any of the WOD’s posted early?
    Also, is there swimming involved?

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