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Thursday 20130801 Open Workout

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muscleup3-1pic courtesy of myfitnesspal

Bar Muscle Up Progression 2

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  If you were not here for part 1 (it was on 24Jul2013, click here for a refresher and video) review the video from that day and try that part first, then give part 2 a try.


“Lord of the…”

4 Rounds, not for time:

10 Toes through Rings

10 Ring Dips

10 Kipping Ring Rows

10 Ring Push ups

30sec L-sit (on Rings)

5 Muscle Ups

You get one set of rings to work on (except for the Muscle Ups.  We’ll all share the four spots for Muscle Ups).  For the rest of the movements, as soon as you finish one, adjust your rings to do the next one.

Record whether or not you were able to go RX’d or if you scaled.  If you scaled any movement, put that to Comments/LogWOD

Reason I want you to do this is, so you have a record of where you are on these movements.  If you had to scale, that is fine, as long as you are tracking this and work on improving every time.  Progression, folks!  Name if the game…


Cash Out:

Skin the Cat – 5 min practice

Forward lever practice

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

Rest – This means Mobility Work!  Active recovery!  Prepare for the rest of your training week.  Prep your body and mind!

Wednesday 20130731 Open Workout

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Congrats to TOTF member and Shadow Coach, Carl Eitzen on getting his first Muscle Up!  Way to keep at it man!


Power Snatch

8×2 w/85% of Snatch 1RM

Sets start on the minute for 8 minutes

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

For those wondering, the last time we set a 1RM on Snatch was 21June (click here for a refresher).  If you were here and set one, use 85% of that weight.  If you weren’t, during warmup, see how 1/2 your body-weight feels.  If it was easy, increase by 5-10 pounds.  Find a weight that will push you, but is doable.  You’ll be doing doubles with that weight, so make sure you can make it!

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Reebok CrossFit Games athlete, Matt Chan show set up and execution for the Power Snatch.  Keep your shoulders over the bar (but keep the shoulder blades locked back) until you get to the top of the thigh, which is where you want that violent hip extension to occur.  No violent hip extension = small chance of a successful lift.


3 Rounds:

1 Min AMRAP followed by 30 Sec rest at stations…

-Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (1.5/1)

-Handstand Push Ups (kipping or strict)

-Rower (Cals)

Score=reps + cals

Post score to Comments/LogWOD

Cash Out:

Snatch Balance


w/75% of weight used earlier for Power Snatch

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach B going over the Snatch Balance

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

Beginner & Intermediate –  10 x 50M Sprints

30 sec rest between rounds

Tuesday 20130730 Open Workout

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Stacie Zig ZagKyle Clean and JerkPics courtesy of The CrossFit Games and Megan Guthmiller

Huge Congrats to Omaha’s own Stacie Tovar and Kyle Kasperbauer in their performances at the CrossFit Games this past weekend.  Both finished in the Top 20 of their divisions.  You guys always make the Midwest proud!



Bench Press


Add 5lbs to weight used 22Jul (click here for a refresher) or 75% of 1RM if you weren’t here

First set is for 5, second set will be max reps.

Rules for the Second Set:

-No bouncing off the chest

-No raising your butt off the bench

-No help from your spotter

If any of these things happen, your set has completed


Post total reps of last set to Comments/LogWOD


Partner WOD:

15 Minutes AMRAP:
-Max Weighted Push Ups (45/25)
-400M Run
* Once teammate 1 places plate on teammate 2’s back, teammate 1 will start running
* When teammate 1 return from run, teammates switch positions

* Score is total combined push-ups


Post Team members and score to Comments/LogWOD


So, once partner 1 puts the plate on partner 2’s back, partner 1 takes off for a 400M run as partner 2 does as many reps as they can with a plate on their back.  If partner 2 hits failure before partner 1 gets back, partner 2 should go to the bottom of their push up, shake the arms out and try to go again.  Don’t take plate off your back until partner returns to take it off.  Once partner 1 gets back, swap places.  Rinse and repeat.  Goal on Push Ups is maintain solid position under load.  When that fails, go to the ground and reset.

Video courtesy of Joe Sansalone.  Neghar Fonooni of OPTI performs the push up with a 45 pound plate on her back.  Only As you can see, the plate will go on the back, high up enough that it won’t cause you to arch your back, but not higher than the traps as to make sure you don’t hurt your neck.  The one thing I DON’T want you doing from this video is at the top of your push up, don;t round your shoulders over.  Keep them externally rotated like you did in the bench.

Cash Out:

Partner Shoulder/Pec Stretch – 2 min

Roll Thoracic – 2 min


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

B) 3x Max Rep Stationary Dips

I) 6×30 sec Plyo Push-up

Plyo Push Up = set two 45# plates shoulder width apart.  Place hands behind plates as you assume push up position. DO push up, but as you come up, explode up so hands land on plates, do push up on plate, explode up and land behind plates.

Monday 20130729 Open Workout

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2013 hacks pack ute2013 rich and sam

Pics courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Big Congrats to Rich Froning, Sam Briggs, and Team Hack’s Pack UTE on their wins at the 2013 CrossFit Games.  Training for the 2014 Games starts now….





2×5, Last set to failure;

Use 70% of 1RM or 80% of 5RM

Post reps of last set to Comment/LogWOD.  Post weight used to comments


If you look back, we established our 5RM on deadift on 19 Jul (click here), and on 28June, we did the CrossFit Total (click here), where a good amount of you set your 1RM on deadlift.


For the second round, failure does NOT mean keep going with bad form.  When your position breaks down, you’re done.  If the bar stays on the ground longer than 1 second between reps, you’re done.  The point of the last round is to push the you to maintain good form under load as long as possible.  Once limit is reached, drop the bar.




For Time:

4 x Power Clean (135/95)

8 Box Jumps 30”/ 24”

4 x Power Clean (145/105)

8 Box Jumps 30”/24”

4 x Power Clean (155/115)

8 Box Jumps 30″/24″

4 x Power Clean (165/125)

8 Box Jumps 30”/ 24”


* Only rest is when adding plates

Post time to Comments/LogWOD


The goal is to increase weight each round and successfully complete the reps.  As stated above, only rest is when you add weight.  Once weight is back on, pick up the bar. With form, make sure you correctly land in the receive position.  If you land with legs spread, knees bending in, ribs sticking out, you are wrong.  Before the WOD begins, each athlete must demonstrate to the coach that you can land successfully with their starting weight.  Also, FAST ELBOW WHIP!


Cash Out:

Hamstring Stretch

Videos courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Do the first drill for 2 minutes then….

2 more minutes at least


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

Beginner) 3x 1Min Superman Holds

Video courtesy of All Access FA

Intermediate) Reverse Hyperextension –  4×12 with a light Weight

Saturday 20130727 Open Workout @ 0900

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Today’s WOD is a special one.  CrossFit HQ designed it as part of a Fund Raiser, “CrossFit for Hope”.  Over the last couple of years, the event was used to raise money for various charities looking for cures for crippling diseases.  This year, the proceeds went to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  As we are not a private organization that can raise funds for charity, we still would like to give you the info in case you are interested in donating.  Feel free to click the below picture for more info on CrossFit For Hope and info on how you can donate to the cause.


pic courtesy of CrossFit HQ



BOX JUMP, 24/20″

WOD is done “Fight Gone Bad”.  Start with Burpees for a minute straight. Then at the end of the minute, go straight to Power Snatch.  The clock DOES NOT stop.  Once you finish your minute of Chest To Bar Pull ups, you get a one minute break before your next round starts.

Score = total reps

Post score to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Cash Out:

Catch O2.  Cheer on others

Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

If you have anything left, you didn’t go hard enough

Friday 20130726 Open Workout

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Kyle Pressing

pic courtesy of Tumblr

Wishing CrossFit Omaha’s (and last year’s Third Fittest Man in the World) Kyle Kasperbauser good luck as he looks to get back on the podium this year at the 2013 CrossFit Games.  And, this pic reminds me…




Strict Press – 3×5

Add 5lbs to weight used on 15 Jul (click here for a refresher) or 75% if you weren’t here

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD



3min AMRAP: Reps of 5-10-15-20…..for the following movements

Push Jerk (115/95)

Double Unders



2Min Break then…

6min AMRAP:

Reps of 5-10-15-20…..for the following movements

Push Jerk (115/95)

Double Unders



2 min Break then…


9min AMRAP:

Reps of 5-10-15-20…..for the following movements

Push Jerk (115/95)

Double Unders




Score (per AMRAP) = Reps


Post score for each AMRAP to Comments/LogWOD

So, in the first AMRAP, you’ll start with 5 Push Jerks, then 5 Double Unders, then 5 Burpees, then 10 Push Jerks, 10 Double Unders, 10 Burpees, etc…

Increase by 5 every time you come back to a move during the AMRAP.  At the end of 3 minutes, we’ll take a 2 minute break, then you’ll start back up, starting back at 5 reps per move and on up for 6 minutes.  Then a 2 minute break, then reset and go for 9 minutes through the same move with the same rep increase every time you get back to the move.

Cash Out:

Skin the Cat – 5 reps

Video courtesy of Team CrossFit USA

Anterior Delt mash w/lacrosse ball – 2 min per side


Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

Beginner & Intermediate:

Barbell Shrugs 4×10  – Increase weight each round

Thursday 20130725 Open Workout

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StaciePic of CrossFit Omaha’s own Stacie Tovar on her recent visit to TOTF.  Good luck to Stacie as she competes in the 2013 CrossFit Games this weekend.  The Games kicked off Wednesday with three events.  Stacie is currently sitting in 14th place.  Will she make a run for the podium?  Tune in to find out.  Click on the picture to see the coverage schedule for the CrossFit Games website, ESPN3, and the live final hour that will air on ESPN2 this Sunday.



Back Squat


Add 10 pounds to weight used on 16Jul (click here for a refresher) or 75% of your 1RM if you weren’t here

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Speaking of posting, should you find yourself saying “You know, I was there on the 16th, but I have no clue how much weight I used”, then ask yourself why you didn’t either write it in a logbook (like we advise you to every day), post it in a comment on this page (as I ask you to EVERY day), or post it in LogWOD (as we have set up an account on that website for this exact purpose).  Far too often I hear athletes complain that they don’t think they are getting stronger, faster, better.  So I ask them “Can I see your logbook?”, and I get the “I don’t have one” shrug.  How can you improve if you don’t track what you are doing?  Want results?  Follow what we tell you to do, track your progress, make smart choices.  Repeat often.



4 Rounds. 1minute per station:

1. Jump Ropes (single unders)

2. Air Squats

3. 50m Shuttle

4. Step Ups (24/20”)

5. Rest


Score = Total reps (One 50M shuttle run = 1 Rep)


Post score to Comments/LogWOD


This WOD will work like Fight Gone Bad.  The clock will not stop for the full 20 minutes.  You will move from station to station at the top of every minute.

Cash Out:

Calf mobility – 2 min per side

Couch Stretch – 3 min per side


Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

Beginner & Intermediate: Work on Turkish Get-Ups


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Wednesday 20130724 Open Workout

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New ToysFor those who haven’t seen yet, the Field House has gotten us some new Strongman toys to play with.  We now have one set of Farmer Carry bars (46 pounds a piece) and a Log Bar (62 pounds).  We will keep these set over by the tractor tires.  They are available to the public at any time the gym is open.  Please help us keep these in good shape, as they are YOUR equipment.  If you need help in using these, feel free to talk to any of our coaching staff.  Enjoy!


Bar Muscle Up Progression Part One

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  Over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of progressions to work towards Bar Muscle Ups.  Not too long ago, Carl Paoli put together a good series on the matter.  In this series Coach Carl breaks down the Bar Muscle Up movement into a few strength and skill progressions to help you pull up over the bar and into the support position.

In this first video, Carl discusses the strength component required for the Bar Muscle Up, where having a hip-to-bar pull up is ideal. To start, practice your chin-to-bar pull ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, and then your belly- or hip-to-bar pull ups to get the height required to clear the bar.


“March of the Martone”

4 Rounds For Time:

20 Kettlebell Power Swings (1.5/1)

20 Kettlebell Goblet Squats (1.5/1)

20 Alt. One Handed Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

20 Kettlebell Goblet Lunges (1.5/1)

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

This workout is made with CrossFit HQ Staff member Jeff Martone in mind.  He is the guy who handles the Kettlebell Trainers Course.  In the seminar he covers some different KB moves that we’ll cover today, which include…

The Power Swing

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  In the words of Jeff Martone, “Russian swing I like teaching first ’cause it helps people with the mechanics. Once you get your mechanics squared away there, then you can move up,” Martone says at this CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course at Progressive F.O.R.C.E. CrossFit in Las Vegas.
He continues: “The power swing is gonna generate a little more force. Then you’ll see when we get to the American swing … how easy it is because all your mechanics are dialed in.”
The power swing shortens the distance the weight travels as the kettlebell is pushed down. It’s more grip intensive and more taxing in general, Martone explains. Still, there is always rapid and full hip extension, he notes. And your grip should be tight enough to lock down the kettlebell.
“Floppy top—don’t want that,” Martone says.
He compares the power swing to a ball slam.
“When I push down, guess what? My butt is still tight, my hips are still locked straight. Boom. It’s pushed. Then hips go back. It’s gotta be in that order.”

Goblet Squat

Video courtesy of Northstate CrossFit

One Handed KB Swing

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.
“One of the benefits of the one-arm swing is it works your back in a different way … and it’s working your grip more because now you’ve got the same weight in one hand,” Coach Martone explains at this CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course.
Among the drills Martone recommends is the half-rotation switch, allowing a change of hands in mid-air. The hands come together like a clap, and each stays in the same corner of the handle.
“It’s easiest, really, to switch where it’s weightless. You don’t have to even stop,” he says.
Next is the hand-to-hand switch where the handle stays horizontal.
“Again, that’s gonna help with later on,” he says, “when we’re doing our snatches.”

Goblet Lunges

Video courtesy of Evolve Training Systems.  Same movement this guy does, but with the KB in the Goblet position.

Cash Out:

Banded Shoulder Overhead stretch – 3 min per side

Mash triceps – 2 min per side

Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):


Tuesday 20130723 Open Workout

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Angie StongmanBig shout out to Angie Hobbs, who got Third Place in her first ever Strongman/woman competition at the Iowa State Games.  Was awesome to watch!


Speed Deadlift

15 Rounds of 1 rep at 60% of your 5RM

Take 45 seconds rest after each rep

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

So, we set our 5RM last Friday (click here for a refresher).  Use 60% of that weight for these reps.  for the rest, as soon as you put the weight down, look at the clock.  Start 45 seconds later.  Repeat until you complete 15 rounds.

Video courtesy of Jeff Coffey.  the rep I want all of you to pay attention to is the second rep at 225 (:18 to :19 second mark).  That is the speed you should be at when doing these reps.  Now, that doesn’t mean shoot your ass in the air and get all out of position.  If you notice, Jeff winds up his hamstrings prior to the rep.  By doing this he puts tension in the hamstrings and hips, and gets his back in a straight position.  He is now coiled like a spring.  As he explosively opens the hips, he still has hips and shoulders raise at the same time.  He doesn’t turn this into an ugly version of a stiff-leg deadlift.  Efficient movement done FAST!  Do likewise athletes,….do likewise…

Mobility Work:

Posterior Chain Mobility

Video courtesy of Livethesweatlife.  Do this sequence first, followed by….

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Spend about 10 minutes un-gluing your butt….

Cash Out:

Glute Ham Raise 4×12

Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):


Barbell Row 3×5


6 Min AMRAP: 15-12-9*

Box Jump (24/20)

Alternating One-Arm Kettlebell Snatch (1.5/1)

*Once you finish your set of 9 KB Snatches, start back at 21 Box Jumps.

Monday 20130722 Open Workout

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Sergio BaconLook who’s back!!  Hide your bacon folks, Coach Sergio is stateside again!  Glad you got back safe dude!


Bench Press

5×5  @ 70% of your 1RM

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

If you don’t have a 1RM, during warm up, try 75% of your body weight.  If you can handle it easily for 5 reps, move up 10 pounds, if too heavy drop by 10.  Once you find a weight where you can get five reps, but not easily, use that for all 5 sets.


“The Green Sea”

15min AMRAP:

500m Row

15 Handstand Push Ups

15 Front Squats (225/135)

Post completed rounds to Comments/LogWOD

*Focus = Strength, not metcon.  This means, if you cannot go RX’d on this WOD, pick your scale correctly.  The degree of difficulty for the HSPU and the weight for the Front Squats are designed to push you.  Unless you’re a top level athlete, you should not be flying through these reps.  If you scale down so low that you ARE flying through them, that means you scaled too much.  Test yourself today!

Cash Out:

Banded Anterior Hip Mobility – 2 min per side

Videos courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Do drill 1

Banded groin stretch – 2 min per side

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class):

Beginner:  3x Max Rep Dips

Intermediate: 4×6 Weighted Push-ups- Put plate on back