Special Saturday WOD

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All, On Saturday at 9:00am (or 0900 for you military types) we will be doing a special WOD.  This WOD is a fundraiser for Abby LeClaire who is fighting leukemia.  Abby is the daughter of Dave LeClaire the former president of TOTF and one of the plank holders in the club.

The WOD starts at 9:00, and we are requesting a $20 donation for Abby.  If you can’t donate that’s ok, show up and suffer with us.

Here is the WOD.



Teams of Two

13 rounds for time:

100M med ball run together (one medball per team.  Can switch as needed)

then perform I go, you go style

3 power cleans

7 toes 2 bar

(so, partner 1 holds the ball while partner 2 does the cleans and ttb.  Then they switch the ball and partner 1 does the cleans and ttb.)


Category 1 – 20/14 Ball, 225/160 PC

Category 2 – 20/14 ball, 185/130 PC

Category 3 – 14/12 ball, 135/95 PC, Hanging knee raises

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.



September fun

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Everyone. The box is open and running!  In the morning you just have to walk around the barricades. In the afternoon you have to go outside and in through the back door.


We we are working on programming.  We recently lost the use of comptrain.

The gym is closed

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The gym is closed due to the rain.  Not sure if it was worse outside or inside.  On the brighter side, they now have a double olympic pool in there.  :).

Expected opening is Wednesday at 0430 so hopefully the 0600 class will be good to go.


See you then!


Special guest coach

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bottom pic courtesy of the CrossFit Journal.



on Monday 20 August Joe Westerlin will be a special guest coach at the 6:00am class.

Joe is a CrossFit level 4 coach and member of the seminar staff. He is a former strength and conditioning coach at UNO.  He has trained several games  athletes including Stacie Tovar and Reigning 35-40 masters champion Kyle Kasperbauer.

This is a great opportunity to get coaching from one of the best CrossFit coaches in the country.

Please join us for this special class on Monday!

New Programming

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Starting on Wednesday 1 August TOTF is officially changing their programming.

The good people at CompTrain are allowing us to follow their programming, which is a great thing for us.

So, If you want to see what the programming for the day is you just need to check out CompTrain here:


Also, if you are on Beyond the White Board you can follow them there and get the programming that way.


See you at the Box!!!

New schedule and changes

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All, Here is the latest and greatest for our schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 0600-0700 in the tennis courts
Wednesday – 0600-0700 in the pool

Programming – We are working on outsourcing our programming. When we have it finalized you will all know.

We are currently operating out of tennis court #3 and are moving to #2 starting on Monday. The gym has removed the net so we will have more space to work.
I have been hearing different things on the roof construction. Here is the latest. The construction will continue till November and maybe longer due to weather. Not sure when we will move back to the box.
We are good to move more equipment up if we want to, which we will.

The gym is buying more stuff for us! More to follow on that, but expect to see a nice expansion of the Box in the near future.

Hope to see you all on Monday.


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Alright, we finally have approval from the gym to move some equipment to Tennis Court #3 so we can get back to a normalish class.

tomorrow at 0530 we begin to move equipment.  Please show up early and help, there are a lot of things we need to move.

thanks for all of the support.

See you early tomorrow.