A Thank you note…

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Just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all the athletes that have come through CF TOTF over the past 11 years.

Our goal from day one was to improve the fitness for all Team Offutt members, both military and civilian. And I think we accomplished this goal.  I could grab all the data showing improved fitness test scores, better quality of life, etc.. But beyond that goal, we also built an amazing community.  And that did not happen in a vacuum.  That was due to leadership from both the 55th FW, USSTRATCOM, the amazing volunteer coaches, the great staff at the Field House, and last but certainly not least, our athletes.  It is because of you all that we volunteers spent so many hours making the best program possible for Offutt.

While it saddens me that the volunteer corps has gone to zero, I am just glad we were able to help in some part so many lives.  And I know that help has turned into so many facilities across the DoD doing the exact same mission.  Making a fitter Armed Forces.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and worked out in our little piece of Fitness.  Keep doing it wherever you are.

Also, we will keep this website up for the next few months so if anyone sees any pics they want to save copies of, feel free.

Lastly, in the immortal words of CF TOTF’s Godfather…..


Coach D

Sorry but we have closed

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New Leadership

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Everyone, please help me congratulate TOTFs newest members of the leadership team.
President Doug Hale
Vice President Trey Hadaway
Social Media Coordinator Austin Flemming

March is here

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So, we have completed one month of the focused programming.  You should be noticing that you are not so tired on runs.  The shorter distances are good for really pushing yourself.

For this month, keep up the good work and really push yourself on the runs.

4 Mar

Strength – Tabata Squat, Push up, Sit up

WOD – Partner WOD – 12 Min AMRAP

                Run (together) 100M with Medball (20/14)

                Partner A –  20 Wall Balls

                Partner B – 20 Med Ball Cleans

                Run (together 100M) with medball

                Partner A – 20 Med Ball Cleans

                Partner B – 20 Wall Balls

(note: Both partners work at the same time.  If you finish before your partner then you get to rest. )

5 Mar

Strength – Dips 5x Max reps every 2 minutes

WOD – 10 Rounds for time

                1! Hand release push up (do 1, then 2, then 3…)

                20!(2) butterfly Sit up (do 20, then 18, then 16…)

                100M sprint

(This will look like this, do 1 push up, 20 sit ups, run.  2 push ups, 18 sit ups, run…)

6 Mar


                Run 400M

                20 Air Squats

7 Mar

Strength – Back Squat, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 then Front Squat, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Every 2 Minutes

WOD – 8 min AMRAP

                5 Pull ups

                10 Squats holding med ball overhead

8 Mar

Strength – Deadlift 10, 10, 10, 10 Every 3 minutes

WOD – Row 5K – 25 min cap!

11 Mar

WOD – Farmers Carry 50M (blue line to blue line and back)

                10! Hand Release Push Ups

                1! Butterfly Sit ups

(note:  Do a carry, then 10 push ups and 1 sit up, then back to the carry)

Finisher – 1 Minute

                Max Reps push press (65/45)


12 Mar

Strength – Press 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 Every 3 minutes

WOD – Row 1000M

                20 DB Clusters (55/35)

                20 DB Man Makers (55/35)

                20 DB walking Lunge (55/35)

                20 Pull ups

13 Mar

WOD – 20 min AMRAP

                1 min per station, with a 1 min break between stations

                Pull ups/seated pull ups

                Dumbbell strict press – 55/35

                Bent over barbell row – 135/95

                Hand Release Push up

                Toes to bar

Finisher – Death By….  40M run (blue line to blue line and back).

Every minute do one shuttle run (hand must touch the floor when you turn).  Increase run by a lap each minute.

14 Mar

Strength – 3 reps of bear complex (Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push press)

(a rep of bear is 8 cycles of the complex)

WOD – 10 min AMRAP

                Row – 20 Cal

                10 Deadlifts – 225/165

                10 shoulder to over head – 135/95

                10 Pull ups

                Run 80M

(note, set it up in a line.  You start at the rower, move to next station for DLs, move head to next station for S2OH, move ahead to rig for pull-ups, then jump on track to run back to the rower)

15 Mar

WOD – 2/4/6 repeats

3 min to run 200M (rest remaining time)

5 min to run 400M (rest remaining time)

7 min to run 600M (one lap, rest remaining time)

6 Min to run 600M (one lap, rest remaining time)

4 min to run 400M (rest remaining time)

2 min to run 200M (rest remaining time)

(Note should be at least a 1:1 work rest cycle on these.  Faster athletes will have more rest which is fine.  The goal is to run hard the entire distance and recover before the next leg)

18 Mar

WOD – Run a 5K for time (8 full laps)

19 Mar


Arm pull only – 50Y (freestyle arms)

                10 push up

                Leg kick only – 50Y (freestyle kick only)

                10 Squats

                Fully Stroke – 50Y

                10 Bench dips

20 Mar

Strength – 10 sets, sprint 40M (to start of batting cage) Jog back

WOD – Plank plate race Break into teams

                Partner 1 – Grabs a 45# plate and runs it to far end, sets it down and returns

                All other partners hold a plank

                Partner 1 tags partner 2.

                Partner 1 assumes the plank, partner 2 runs the plate once partner is in the plank

Each person should do 4 trips per race

21 Mar

SSS – Hi, Low, Floor Squat clean complex (15 min)

Build to a heavy weight while doing 1 high hang squat clean, 1 low hang squat clean, 1 squat clean from the floor.  Must be unbroken!

WOD – For time

                100 Double Unders

                100 Push Press (65/45)

                100 box jump overs

22 Mar

WOD – 10 RFT

                Run 200M

                10 Squat (135/95)

Finisher – 1 Min max HRPU, 1 min max BFSU

25 Mar

Strength – Every 3 minutes – 4 rounds Double Kettle Bell Complex (1.5/1.0)

5 – Dead lift, dead clean, Front Squat, Push press/jerk

(For dead lift and dead clean, the bell must be at a dead stop on the ground!)

WOD – The Gooch – 3 RFT

                100 Russian KB Swings (1.5/1.0)

                150M run (exit at the rig, enter at the rower, so you don’t run the key.  Keeps the flow going)


26 Mar

Strength – Backsquat: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6 (Every 3 minutes)

WOD – For time

                50 Front Squat – 135/95

                50 Burpee Box Jump over


27 Mar

Strength – Hand Release Push up, 5×10

                Med Ball Butterfly Sit up 5×10

(Note:  Do push-ups then sit-ups.)

WOD – E3MOM for 30 Min

                Run 400M.  (note:  if an athlete does not complete the 400M in 3 min, they rest the remaining time and go on the next round.  So, if they fail to make round 5 and finish 20 seconds into round 6.  They rest all of round 6 and go on round 7.  They will do 9 total rounds vice 10)



28 Mar

WOD – 4 RFT – 20 Min cap

80M farmers walk 55/35 (end of mats to start of batting cage)

12 – Clean Wall Balls (30/20) (ball starts on ground, do a clean into a wall ball)

80M farmers walk 55/35 (end of mats to start of batting cage)

4 – Rope Climbs

Finisher – 200M walking lunge


29 Mar – USAF Pt Test

                1 minute max reps push-up

                5 min rest

                1 min max rep sit ups

                10 min rest

                1.5 mile run

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Team Offutt are you ready for February?  I am sure you are.  So as many of you already know we are making some changes for February and March.

First, we are biasing our training to helping you improve on the Air Force PT test.  Yes, this will also help our Navy, Army and Marine Corp brothers and sisters, but let’s face it.  The Air Force has the hardest test so if you can ace it, you can ace…  Wait, even I can’t say that with a straight face.

What you can expect to see is a lot more running.  Short, middle and even long distance.  We will have more body weight work as well.  This will take place primarily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We are still keeping out Tuesday and Thursday classes with a more “traditional” CrossFit programming.

Second, with the change in focus we are opening up our classes to everyone!  This means for February and March we are not holding our on-ramp class.  We will teach new members everything they need in the class.

Now, I know you all are dying to know what the programming will be.  Well.  I am going to give you all of February’s programming all at once.  Few things to point out about the programing.

1 – it is five days a week.  For optimal results we recommend that on Saturday you do a long hike (think 5-15 miles, preferably with a light ruck on) or a moderately easy paced 5k run.  Just something to keep you moving.

2 – On Sunday, take the day off from working out, but do work on mobility, flexibility and relaxing.  Yoga is a GREAT thing to do.

3 – Other than testing days, all PUSH-UPS are HAND RELEASE!  We want to train harder than we test.

4 – Other than testing days all SIT-UPS are Butterfly with the fingers touching the ground behind your head and the ground in front of your toes!  *unless we specify GHDs, in which case those are parallel torso to touching the metal foot brace.

Now, even with the greatest programming in the world you won’t see results if you don’t put in the effort.  The effort is not just in the gym it is also, and more importantly, in the Kitchen.  Watching what you eat is critical.

A good rule of thumb it this.  For every 10 pounds of body weight you lose, you will run 1 minute faster on a 1.5-3.0 mile course.

So.  Here is Februarys programming in all of it’s glory.  Check back often because I may have to make some changes as the month progresses.

4 Feb 19 – USAF Pt Test

1 minute max reps push-up

5 min rest

1 min max rep sit ups

10 min rest

1.5 mile run

5 Feb

Strength – KB complex – EMOM 10 minutes

2 reps- Clean, squat, press, Snatch (1.5/1.0) Even Min = Left Arm, ODD min = Right arm

WOD – 15 Min AMRAP

250 M row

20 Russian KB Swings (1.5/1.0)

6 Feb

Skill – Pose Running Technique

WOD – 10 RFT

Run 200M

10 Squat (135/95)

7 Feb

WOD – 5 rounds for time, 25 Min CAP

50’ Yoke walk (300/200)

100M Sprint carrying 45# plate

10 Stone over shoulder (150/100)

100M sprint carrying 45# plate

10 DB push press (55/35)

100M sprint Carrying 45# plate

(NOTE: If we have more athletes than yokes, they can start at any non-running part of the circuit)

8 Feb

Strength – Hand Release Push up, 5×10

Med Ball Butterfly Sit up 5×10

(Note: Do push-ups then sit-ups.)

WOD – E3MOM for 30 Min

Run 400M. (note: if an athlete does not complete the 400M in 3 min, they rest the remaining time and go on the next round. So, if they fail to make round 5 and finish 20 seconds into round 6. They rest all of round 6 and go on round 7. They will do 9 total rounds vice 10)

11 Feb

WOD – E2MOM for 10 Rounds

Run 200M

Finisher – 100 KB Snatch (1.5/1.0) with a 5 min time cap

12 Feb

Strength – Deadlift E2M 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6 Build to heavy double (think 85-90% 1RM). Second 4 and 6 MUST be heavier than first.

WOD – For time:

Cash in – Row 500m

10 Pull ups

20 Box Jump overs (24 all)

30 wall balls (20/14)

40 GHD Sit ups

30 Wall balls

20 Box Jump overs (20 all)

10 Pull ups


13 Feb

Swim 25M – 10 push ups

Swim 50M – 10 push ups

Swim 75M – 10 push ups

Swim 100M – 10 push ups

Swim 75M – 10 push ups

Swim 50M – 10 push ups

Swim 25M – 10 Push ups

Swim 25M – 10 squats

Swim 50M – 10 squats

Swim 75M – 10 squats

Swim 100M – 10 Squats

Swim 75M – 10 squats

Swim 50M – 10 Squats

Swim 25M – 10 Squats


14 Feb

Strength – Squat Clean 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 (set a new 1 RM)


Run 100M

10 Cleans @ 50% of highest single from Strength piece

20 Hand Release Push ups

20 Butterfly Sit ups

15 Feb

Skill – Pose Running technique

WOD – 6 RFT (25 min time cap!)

Run 400M

15 Hand Release Push ups

15 Butterfly Sit ups

15 Wall ball

18 Feb

Strength – Pull up 5x5x5x5x5 (add weight if unbroken)

WOD – 18 Min AMRAP

10 Strict press – 95/65

25’ bear crawl

10 front squat (135/95)

25’ bear crawl

19 Feb

WOD – Pool time! 5 rounds for time

Swim 25 Yards

10 squats

Swim 25 yards

10 push ups

Arms pull only 25 yards

10 squats

Arm pull only 25 yards

10 push ups

Leg kick only 25 yards

10 squats

Leg kick only 25 yards

10 push ups


20 Feb

Skill – Pose running Technique

WOD – For time

Run 200M

25 air Squats

Run 400M

25 Air Squats

Run 800 M

25 Air Squats

Run 800M

25 Air Squats

Run 400M

25 Air Squats

Run 200M

21 Feb

WOD – Back Squat 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Build to a new 1 RM. Plan on approx. 3 min per round

FINISHER – 1 Min, row max meters

22 Feb

Strength – Spend 10 min working on mobility focusing on legs and shoulders

WOD – 8 rounds

Row 500M, 1 min rest


25 Feb

Strength – Feet elevated push-ups (Put feet on 20 inch box, and do push-ups)

WOD – “Down the mountain”

100 Wall balls

100M Sprint

80 butterfly sit-ups

100M sprint

60 push ups

100M sprint

40 squats

100M sprint

20 pull ups26 Feb

Strength – Snatch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 (set new 1 rm)

WOD – 5 min AMRAP, 5 min rest, 5 min AMRAP

5 Pull ups, 10 push-ups, 15 Squats

27 Feb

WOD – Jog a 5k. NOTE: This is a jog, not a run. Just want people to move. Time cap it at 36 minutes.

28 Feb


Run 400M

20 Hand release push ups

30 wall balls


1 Mar USAF Pt Test

1 minute max reps push-up

5 min rest

1 min max rep sit ups

10 min rest

1.5 mile run

March programming will be forthcoming.  Hope you all enjoy!


Special Saturday WOD

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All, On Saturday at 9:00am (or 0900 for you military types) we will be doing a special WOD.  This WOD is a fundraiser for Abby LeClaire who is fighting leukemia.  Abby is the daughter of Dave LeClaire the former president of TOTF and one of the plank holders in the club.

The WOD starts at 9:00, and we are requesting a $20 donation for Abby.  If you can’t donate that’s ok, show up and suffer with us.

Here is the WOD.



Teams of Two

13 rounds for time:

100M med ball run together (one medball per team.  Can switch as needed)

then perform I go, you go style

3 power cleans

7 toes 2 bar

(so, partner 1 holds the ball while partner 2 does the cleans and ttb.  Then they switch the ball and partner 1 does the cleans and ttb.)


Category 1 – 20/14 Ball, 225/160 PC

Category 2 – 20/14 ball, 185/130 PC

Category 3 – 14/12 ball, 135/95 PC, Hanging knee raises

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


September fun

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Everyone. The box is open and running!  In the morning you just have to walk around the barricades. In the afternoon you have to go outside and in through the back door.


We we are working on programming.  We recently lost the use of comptrain.

The gym is closed

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The gym is closed due to the rain.  Not sure if it was worse outside or inside.  On the brighter side, they now have a double olympic pool in there.  :).

Expected opening is Wednesday at 0430 so hopefully the 0600 class will be good to go.


See you then!


Special guest coach

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bottom pic courtesy of the CrossFit Journal.



on Monday 20 August Joe Westerlin will be a special guest coach at the 6:00am class.

Joe is a CrossFit level 4 coach and member of the seminar staff. He is a former strength and conditioning coach at UNO.  He has trained several games  athletes including Stacie Tovar and Reigning 35-40 masters champion Kyle Kasperbauer.

This is a great opportunity to get coaching from one of the best CrossFit coaches in the country.

Please join us for this special class on Monday!

New Programming

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Starting on Wednesday 1 August TOTF is officially changing their programming.

The good people at CompTrain are allowing us to follow their programming, which is a great thing for us.

So, If you want to see what the programming for the day is you just need to check out CompTrain here:


Also, if you are on Beyond the White Board you can follow them there and get the programming that way.


See you at the Box!!!