Friday 20130104 Open Workout

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Weighted Stationary dips – 3 sets of 5 reps – use same weight for all sets

Post weight used to comment/LogWOD

Use either a resistance band or dip belt to hold weight


4 Rounds For Time:
10 one arm KB thrusters-left(1.5/1)
10 one arm KB thrusters-right
10 sledgehammer swings-left
10 sledgehammer swings-right
100m shuttle (50M down and back)

Post time to comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of DAC Fitness.  For the one-arm Kettle Bell Thruster, have the bell sitting right on the shoulder and bicep, keep it close to the body.  Ensure you keep your chest up as you go down in the squat.  Use your free arm for balance if needed.  Just like with a barbell thruster, drive out of the bottom of the squat and launch the kettlebell upward, finishing in an overhead position. Kettle bell should finish right over the middle of the foot.

Extra Credit:

Muscle Up Work – Progression work, or if you have MUs, work on consecutive reps or go from Kipping to Strict

Cash Out:

Pendlay rows 5×5 – use same weight for all sets

Video courtesy of California Strength.  Glenn Pendlay with the difference between a Pendlay Row and a regular barbell row you see in most gyms.
Points of performance….
-Grip should be wide enough to allow you to have your hands on the bar when you are bent at a 90 degree position
-Rep starts and stops with barbell on the ground.  You will be pulling from a dead stop.  No bouncing
-Maintain a straight back as you are bent over.
-Explosively pull to lower chest, upper ab area.
-Flex upper back, but do not change the angle of the lower back, meaning, don’t bring the torso up past parallel
-Bring the bar back down to the floor, weight for it to stop moving before doing another rep

This is GREAT for adding strength to the back.  Do it!



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