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Friday 20130118 Open Workout

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NOTICE:  The TactFit area will be closed Saturday at 1500 to allow set up for the TactFit games on Sunday.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Press  3 sets of 5

20min to complete

If you did this back on Dec 18th (click here for a check) add 5 pounds.  If not, shoot for 80% of your 1RM.  If doing this for the first time: Use 75% of Body weight. If too heavy- subtract 20lbs. If too light, go up 10-20 pounds.  Make sure you keep your legs locked, and don’t arch your back. Record working weight.

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD


Spend 20 minutes working Muscle ups (progression)

Goal = 4xMax reps or 4×10 Jumping Muscle Ups

Video courtesy of CrossFit Dominion.  IF you are doing jumping muscle ups today, this is how I want you doing the transition piece.  I want you to land low, so your shoulder touch the rings and then push up to the top.  Don’t jump straight to the top of a muscle up.  This will help you build the strength to get out of the bottom of the dip and training your body to where you should land in a regular muscle up during the transition.

Cash Out:

Shoulder mobility stretch

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  K-Starr demonstrating a great mobility move for the shoulders.  After all the work you just did in the press and top of the muscle up, let’s work on some external rotation to improve that flexibility.

Extra Credit (done on your free time):

3 Un-timed rounds :

10 Alternating pistols

10 barbell rollouts

10 Glute Ham Raises

Alright, here is a video showing the standards for movements you will see this weekend at the TactFit Games.  WOD one will be released either later Friday or first thing Saturday.  I’ll give you a hint.  There’s water involved 🙂