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Saturday 20130112 Open Workout

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NOTICE:  If you have mentioned wanting to volunteer for the TactFit Games and no one has gotten back with you, please leave a comment here.  If you haven’t mentioned wanting to, but would like to volunteer for the TactFit Games, please leave a reply to this post.  We need judges, folks for set-up/tear down, registration help, runners, etc…  If you have the free time next Sunday, we could use you.  Leave a reply here and we will get back with you!

Coach D


Prep for….


KARENpic courtesy of CrossFit Novem


For Time:

150 Wallballs (20/14)

Post time to comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Graham Holmberg.  2010 CrossFit Games champ Graham Holmberg going over prep for knocking out 150 Wall Balls.  I highly recommend doing these mobility movements prior to tackling “Karen”.  Get those shoulders, chest, hips and ankles open.  If you don’t have a Voodoo Floss Band (buy one off of Rogue!) for your ankle, you can also do the following (courtesy of Mobility WOD)…

Extra Credit:

4x100m sprint

Cash Out:

Work on first Muscle Up Progression on Ground:

Sit on the ground with rings above you, just about wrist high.  Take a False Grip on the Rings- body row-pull rings tight into chest-hold for ten seconds, repeat x10

Get lower on chest each pull