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Wednesday 20130116 Open Workout

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Back Squat 10×2 @60% of 1RM

Sets start every 45sec

Post weight used to comment/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Westside Barbell owner and powerlifting guru Louie Simmons leading his crew in dynamic box squats.  While our squats today will not be to a box and are not the wide powerlifting stance, what I want you to notice in this video is the speed in which they come out fo the bottom.  They stay at a deliberate speed going down and then shoot up.  That’s what I want to see today.


20min AMRAP:
-21 Thrusters (65/35) (bar starts on the ground)
-15 Double Unders
-9 Pull ups

Post total rounds to comments/LogWOD

Videos courtesy of CrossFit Park City.  Games Legend Chris Spealler explaining and demonstrating two maneuvers that, if done correctly, could increase the number of rounds you get today.  Watch these, check out his cues, and play around with these techniques before the WOD and see what happens.

Cash Out:

3 sets 12-15 reps of Reverse Hyperextensions

L-sits for max time between sets

Athlete's shirt

Sneak peek at the Athlete’s Shirts for the TactFit Games.  Registration is now closed!  Thank you to all the teams who registered, and we look forward to a great event this Sunday.  We will be releasing the movement standards by tomorrow and then details for WOD 1 no later than Saturday.  Be ready to have some fun!