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Thursday 20130117 Open Workout

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TactFit Games add

We are now have our teams set for the TactFit Games!  We will have 11 RX’d teams, and 14 Scaled teams. We’ll announce the Heats tomorrow.

Today, we want to give you some information on scoring, where WOD 1 will take place, and dress code for the event.

1. Scoring.  We will use the same scoring system used in the CrossFit Games.  1st place will earn 100 points, 2nd place 99, etc….  There will be 4 WODS that all teams will do.  After the 4th WOD, that’s where things change.  The Top 3 teams in each division will move on for a final “Winner takes All” WOD.  This means after the first 4 WODs, and the Top 3 are determined, all points go away and the Top 3 start on an even playing field.  First team to finish is the winner.

2. WOD 1 will take place in the Pool area at the Offutt Field House.  So, if you are competing, bring your swim suit.  Which leads me to….

3. Dress Code.  In the pool, use swim wear that covers up your privates.  Yes, bikinis and speedos are allowed.  Not preferred, but allowed.  All the other WODs will take place in the TactFit Area.  Dress Code for the area is regular workout wear, meaning men and women must wear at least Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes at all times.

We will announce video details to WOD 1 and movement standards either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Get ready!


Now, back to today’s WOD….


“Walk Before You Run”


4 Rounds For Time:
200m Farmers Carry (1 Pd KB per arm/.5 Pd KB per arm)
200m Sprint

post time to comments/LogWOD


Rest 8 min then…



50 ring dips.  Break up as needed (not for time)


Cash Out:

Mobility drills.  Pick 2 drills off the Mobility WOD posters, spend 5 min each


Extra Credit (done on your free time):

Butterfly sit ups. 3×15