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Monday 20130107 Open Workout

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Back Squat

3×5 (use same weight all 3 sets)

15 Minute Time limit

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD

If you did this back on 10Dec (click here to see if this jogs your memory), try adding 5 pounds to the weight you used.  If you were not here, aim for 85% of your 1RM.  If you do not have a 1RM in Back Squat, try going up to Body Weight in the warm up.  If you can get 8 reps, use that weight.  If this is too heavy, drop 20 pounds.  If it is too light, go up 10-20 pounds.  Whichever you use, RECORD your WEIGHT!  You will need this info….


5 Rounds For Time:

Walking Lunges (bar starts on the ground)

8 steps each leg w/ 135/95

5 Weighted Chin ups (35/20lbs)

20 Sit-Ups

Post time to comment/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Kyle Jakobe.  So, you will clean the bar up, get it over head and onto your back in the back squat position.  Make sure you absorb the shock when it comes down on your traps.  And don’t let it land on your neck!  Once you are set, begin lunging.  Keep your core tight, chest up and maintain your balance.  Back knee just needs to kiss the ground.  Don;t slam it down, but do make sure it makes contact.

Extra Credit:

Muscle Snatch:

10min to find heavy 1 Rep

Post highest 1-rep to comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of theanvilathletics. Summer Krasinski of the Anvil Athletics performs the muscle snatch.  Thing to remember is do NOT re-bend the knees once you fully extend them.  Also, pull as high as possible, then flip wrists over into the active shoulder position.

Cash Out:

Roll out Hamstrings and Calves

TactFit Games 2

If you haven’t gotten a team together for the TactFit Games, hurry up!  Click on the above picture to go to our FaceBook page where there is a post for Free Agents!  I know of at least two sets of guys (one set local, one from Iron Major Crossfit, Fort Leavenworth, KS) looking for two ladies to team up with.  Don’t miss this!