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Tuesday 20130108 Open Workout

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Deadlift 10 sets of 1 @ 70%of 1RM

Sets start every 45 seconds

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD

The point of these sets is explosion, so you should be able to move this weight with speed.  Maintain form.  Don’t let you back round, but come up quick as you can, safely.


As Many Rounds As Possible in 8 Minutes of:

25 Double Unders

50m Shuttle (25M down, 25M back)

10 Alt. Cart Wheels

50m Shuttle

Post completed rounds to comments/LogWOD

Video series today courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this series, Coach Carl demonstrates progressions to perform the Cartwheel, one of the most basic and common gymnastics and tumbling movements.

In the first video, Carl takes a new approach to start off the Cartwheel progressions by performing the same movement as you would in a normal cartwheel, but in a very tight circle while pushing off and landing on each point of contact. The key to progressing through this part is to mantain straight arms, legs, and a tight body position while circling even in a tight circumference

In this video, Carl starts to open up the tight circle into an arc and continues to follow the line by pushing off and landing on each point of contact with straight arms and legs. Eventually the arc opens up more and becomes straighter, forcing you to keep your body more vertical and tighter.

In this video, Carl demonstrates the frontal cartwheel using what we learned with the side cartwheel. First, we have to get completely vertical by dicussing the proper set-up with the arms and legs to lunge and reach into the movement. Then, by changing the start and finish positions we will get the frontal cartwheel.

In this last video, Carl continues to break down the frontal, or squared-hip, cartwheel. Carl begins by starting a cartwheel with squared hip, but finishing in the side cartwheel on the arc facing the opposite direction. Next, Carl starts the squared hip cartwheel and finishes again in the side cartwheel, but this time on the straight line. Finally, Carl demonstrates the squared hip cartwheel start to finish, on the straight line.

Extra Credit:

Run 1 mile for time

Cash Out:

Reverse Hyper Extensions –  5 sets of 10

Videos courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Kelly Starrett going over proper use of the Reverse Hyper

chalk bucket

Now, why would there be a FireHouse Subs pickle bucket in the gym?  1) The two bucks I paid for it go to a great local cause. 2) This bucket is much deeper than the previous chalk bucket, so, you can shake off any excess chalk with your hands STILL in the bucket, before you walk over to your bar.  The lack of chalk on the floor will help make clean up much easier and leave our TactFit area much cleaner.  Please pass the word on.  Oh, and the pickle smell?  Don’t worry, your nose goes number after a while 🙂