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Wednesday 20120123 Open Workout

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Squat_Depth_x_apic courtesy of James Kerrison

Back Squat 2RM

25 minute time limit

Post highest successful 2 rep set to comments/LogWOD

Prior to hitting sets of two, do the following reps increasing weight each set.

7,5,5,3,3,  then go for sets of 2 until you hit your 2RM.  Make sure you KEEP TRACK OF THIS WEIGHT!


12min AMRAP:

10 calorie Row

10 Toes 2 Bar

10 Medball Cleans(20/14)

Post successful rounds to comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit Rowing. CrossFit Rowing Coach Shane Farmer going over some drills to help improve your stroke.  If you get in a little early, these would be a good thing to practice, not just today, but every day you come in.

Cash Out:

Reverse Hypers 3 sets for 15 reps

Extra Credit (Done on your own time):

10 minutes Turkish Get Ups with Kettle Bell

This is a great core and shoulder strengthening exercise. Goal of this movement is to demonstrate control, not speed.

jeff witha floatie

Team Musskles members Jeff Hart and Nichole Carpenter looking for any advantage they can for the “Sink or Swim” WOD.  One of the great things at throw downs/ competitions is being around a great community and having a great time.