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Monday 20130128 Open Workout

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Strict Press

3 sets of 5

Increase weight used 18Jan (click here to check) by 5 pounds

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD


Skill work:

Spend 30min working the three following movements:

-Rope Climbs (3+ accents)

Video series courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  Carl Paloi going over the basics for rope climbing.  The technique he covers is great for beginners.  IF you want to see some more advanced technique, look up the video series on YouTube (there’s 8 parts).  Also, if you are not able to do the hang he mentions in video 1, don’t worry, we’ll have some drills for you to work on to hel0p build the upper body strength so down the road you can get up that rope!  See the drills shown at the end of the below video (courtesy of CrossFit HQ)



-Butterfly/Kipping Pull ups (Sets of 10+ reps) – If you don’t have kipping pull ups, work kipping pull ups

Video once again courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  The lesson Carl goes over applies to either kipping or butterfly pullups.  Try to keep the feet together today and see if the improved mechanics lead to higher rep output.



-Ring Dips

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  In this one, Carl teams up with Kelly Starrett to go over a good finish position for the ring dip.  How clean can you make your dips today?


Assistance Work (done on your own time):

6 un-timed rounds: 10 Toes to Bar then 1 Weighted Box Jump for Max Height*

*For the Box jump, stay with 24″/20″ for the box.  Work on how heavy a load you can handle.  Make sure you keep a strong, straight back, land solid and safely step back off every rep.


Cash Out:

Roll out shoulder w/ lacrosse ball and loaded barbell



Fit2Fight A

Fit2Fight C

Congrats to the Top Three Teams, RX’d Division of The TactFit Games. 

1. CFO A Team (CrossFit Omaha)

2. F2F A Team (Fit2Fight)

3. F2F C Team (Fit2Fight)