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Friday 20120115 Open Workout

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Bench Press 8×3 @70%
“blast offs”, also known as pause bench

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


For the Pause, keep tension on the bar the whole time.  As soon as it makes contact with your chest, stop the movement, take a “one-one thousand” count and EXPLODE up!  Key here is once it stops moving at the bottom, don’t let it sink in any further.


Snatch Balance 6×3:
Work up to a heavy weight

Post heaviest successful weight to Comments/LogWOD

Full (read: SQUAT) Snatch 4×2
Last 2 set done at Snatch Balance weight

Post heaviest successful weight to Comments/LogWOD

Coach Bergener going over the motions for a successful Snatch Balance.  Keys here are make sure your feet are in the jumping position (hip distance), get that shallow dip/drive to bump the bar into the air, and then DROP into the bottom of your overhead squat as quickly as possible.  Goal is to lock out the arms right when you hit the bottom.  This movement is essential to learn to get comfortable at the bottom of a full snatch

Cash Out:

Banded Face Pulls 4 sets of 15

The only difference in the video and the way we will do them is we will do them with your thumbs facing up.

Extra Credit (done on your own time):

200 Double Unders for time


Vashon with the look of determination.  If this weekend showed anything, it was expect the unexpected.  Still blown away at the great attitudes of all those that participated with faced with the unknown and unknowable.