Wednesday 20121212 Open Workout

Posted: December 11, 2012 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized


15 min to establish 5RM deadlift

Post highest successful 5 rep  weight to comments/


Picture courtesy of CrossFit Mildenhall.  When you deadlift, which form is more like yours?  If you are more like the one on the left, don’t fret.  We will help correct this during movement prep.  Fix your form=you get stronger=you get more fit=you live longer, better = you’re welcome.

10 min to complete strict weighted chin ups 3×5

Goal is to use the same weight for all 3 sets, so use the warm up to find a good weight to use

For the rep to count, have arms fully extended at the bottom, at get chin above the bar at the top.  A slight bit of body english is allowe.  But do NOT kip these.  Go strict.

Post weight used to comments/


Kettlebell swing (1.5/1)
*50m shuttle between sets – 25M down and back

Post time to comments/

So, 10 KB swings, 50M run, 9 KB swings, 50M run, ect.. down to 1 KB Swing, 50M run


Extra Credit:

2 min max rep double unders (if you don’t have DU, 10 min DU work)

Cash Out:

Glute mash w/lacrosse ball or roller x 2 min per cheek

Video courtesy of jasonpvieira.  Just in case you weren’t sure of what I was talking about…

  1. Melissa S says:

    I didn’t get a max deadlift because I need to work on form more… for the wod, I finished in 6:37 – which was last but I am happy b/c I used the prescribed weight for the kettle bells for the first time & for the entire wod 🙂

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