Tuesday 20121211 Open Workout

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Bench press 3×5 – use 80-85% of 1RM for all 3 sets.

Once again, if you do not have an established 1RM, use the warm up to find a weight that will push you.  If it ends up feeling overly light for the first set, move up once.  The goal is to feel the weight out in the warm up so you stay consistent in the sets

Post weight use to comments/www.logwod.com


15min AMRAP:
10 Overhead Squat (115/85)
5 burpees
20 ball slams

Post rounds completed to comments/www.logwod.com

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Will your slam balls be Good, Bad, or Ugly?  Make ’em ALL good!

Extra Credit:

3x1000M Row for time. Rest 3 min between attempts

Post 1000M splits to comments

Cash Out:

Barbell rows from the GHD bench 3×15

As in the video above, keep the back straight as you would in the top of a hyper extension, hold that position and do a barbell row(don’t do the multiple back extensions like this guy.  Once in a stragith line, stay there for the whole set).  The point is not to go heavy, but to learn how to keep your lumbar fully engaged as you should have it when doing Pendlay rows, barbell rows, ect…

TactFit Games jpeg

Registration is now open!  Pick up a registration form at the Field House or click here
 Or click on the “TactFit Registration” tab on the home page.

Get your team on the form and get your registration by the deadline listed on the form to the front desk of the Field House.  There will be an email going out to all the local affiliates as well inviting them to join our event.  Remember, there is a 16-team cap for both RX’d and Scaled divisions.   Get in before it fills up!  This is gonna be fun folks!

  1. Kimberly G says:

    I’m not ready for a competition yet, but I would love to volunteer wherever you guys need any help.

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