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Wednesday 20121226 Open Workout

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AMRAP nutrition

Pic courtesy of AMRAP Nutirition.  Time to take a break from all your new toys to get a good WOD in!



Overhead squats 3×5 @85%

15 min cut off

Post weight used to coments/LogWod

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Team leader of 2012 Game Affiliate Cup winner, Hack’s Pack UTE’s Tommy Hackenbruck going over some tips for having the ideal overhead position.  When we tell you Active Shoulders, don’t just shrug up.  Roll the elbows under and point the armpits forward.  This engages the lats as well, giving you the most stable position and also ensuring external rotation on the shoulders


7 Rounds, Not For Time:

-2 Front Squats @ 5RM*

-3 weighted box jumps w/KB (30/24 box)**

*Should be close to what you used last Monday, click here for a reminder

**Can either hold KB across chest or one small one in ea hand.  Start low on the height during practice.  Also, be careful coming back down from the box.  To save the knees from taking the extra stress of landing from a jump with added weight, step down

Extra Credit:

Wall Walks 2 sets of 10

Video courtesy of CrossFit Hove.  Walk yourself up the wall until you are completely upside down.  Try to make your chest touch the wall, hold that active shoulder position (just like in the Overhead squats, also hollow out the abs), then walk yourself back down until you are back in a push up position.

Cash Out:

3 sets, max rep unbroken pull ups (any version)