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Saturday 20121208 Open Workout

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Every Minute on the Minute for 12 minutes

2 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM

Goal with these is speed!  Stay tight on the descent and explode up!  Keep your elbows high

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10 Rounds For Time

100M row

10 Thrusters at 1/2 the weight used for Front Squat

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Assistance Work:

4×25 Hollow Rocks

Video courtesy of Jeff Tucket.  Key to the hollow rock is tightening down on the core, pressing your bcak to the ground, raise the arms and legs (both should be straight) roughly 6 inches from the ground and rock.


Cash Out:

Tabata Roll out:

calves/hamstrings/quads/low back/upper back

20 seconds per side per area, 10 second rest between


That’s what I call Active Shoulder!  Can’t say enough for one of the hardest working, energetic, supportive, all around awesome person, Mieke Oostveen.  Many of you are used to seeing Coach Mieke leading you through hell at 0600, but believe me when I say she puts herself through much worse.  There is no quit in this girl.  Can’t wait to see how she does in the TactFit Games!