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Friday 20121228 Open Workout

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3 sets of 5 – Weighted Chin-ups (add 5# to weight used on 12 Dec)

15 Minute cutoff

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD

WOD: “Dead Running”

3 Rounds For Time:

 10 Reps – Dead Lift (225/165)

 400M run

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Extra Credit:

3 attempts at max hold dead hang from fat bar on pull up rig. Rest equal time (ex, hang one minute, rest one minute before next attempt)

Cash Out:

Romanian Dead lift –  4 sets 10-12 reps w/40% of Dead lift 1RM

Video courtesy of CrossFit BN.  I like this demo for the RDL technique.  Big thing is keep the shoulders back, hinge at the hips, keep tension on the hamstrings. For range of motion, we recommend top bottom of the knee, but let your flexibility dictate. If you lose tension, you went too far.

TactFit Games 2

TactFit Games Update:  We are up to 10 teams in the RX’d division and 8 teams in the Scaled division.  If you haven;t signed up, do so quickly so you don’t miss out!  We have some good competition coming!  We will have members of both the winning teams at the Heartland of America CrossFit comp and CFO’s Snow Bowl Open.  Not to mention a good handful of Regional-level athletes from the Midwest.  Come out and take ’em on!  Let’s show them what TOTF can do!  Or come out and compete just to have fun!  It’s going to be epic!