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Tuesday 20121204 Open Workout

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Leah Overhead

Thank you to all who came out to compete, judge, and cheer at CFO’s Snow Bowl Open.  Such a great event and such a good time watching our athletes do work!  Picture courtesy of John Calhoun.  Click on the picture to go to his website where all his pics from the Snow Bowl are on display.  I am so proud of Leah.  This girl showed some serious heart!  One of the most inspiring things that day was in WOD 3, part of it had 10 power cleans with what up to that point was Leah’s 1RM.  Watching her fight and knock out all 10 reps damn near brought tears to my eyes.  She has the heart of a champion for sure!  Over the next few days I will post pics recapping how our girls did.  All 4 made TOTF proud!



Handstand Push Up Work

Video courtesy of Practice CrossFit.  Goal of today is if you do not have handstand pushups, see where you are on the mentioned scales int he video.  Work on this progression and see if you can move closer to an RX’d handstand push up.  If you have HSPU, work on stringing consecutive reps, work on kipping variety to get even more done in shorter time.  Days like this where we work skills are crucial as you never know when you’ll see the move in a WOD.



5 Rounds For Time:

Run 400M

30 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Wall Balls 20/14

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PERFORMANCE Assistance Work:

Work up to 10 unbroken Handstand Push Ups


Cash Out

Partner Shoulder Stretch

Video courtesy of San Francisco CrossFit and Mobility WOD.  Start watching at the 6:26 mark for the Shoulder Internal Rotation.  Be careful with this move as the partner holding the shoulders does not need to push too hard, basically hold the shoulders in place and as the partner on the ground drops their hips, they’ll put the torque on the shoulder.