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Thursday 20121220 Open Workout

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NOTE:  Due to the Field House not opening until 1000, the 0600 Open and 0700 On-Ramp classes for Thursday are cancelled.  We will post an update on the 1130 and 1730 classes later.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mobility Work:

-Work Overhead position with a bar while laying on top of a med ball. ( similar to this video, courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Watch from the 3:00 mark . Instead of a roller, use a med ball.  It will put you up higher.)

Total Time –  5 min

-Wall Groin Stretch(In the above video, from 0:00 to 1:50 mark) – 5 minutes
-Couch Stretch  -2 min per side
-Lay on ground, take KB/DB in one arm, lock out OH, drive shoulder blade into ground 2 min. Test-retest, do other side

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD


Arm-banded Push Ups

Once again, video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Watch from begining to the 2:34 mark. Instead of using a sling shot like in the video, we will take a band and wrap it around our elbows to keep us in the proper spot to get proper external rotation on the shoulder.  The better we do these, the better your push ups will become.  Instead of benching, we’ll use the same position but in the push up position.  Notice how the resistance keeps you from flaring out the elbows, therefore keeps you from impinging the shoulder.


3 attempts – Max reps arm-banded push ups.  Rest as needed

Cash Out:

Spend rest of the time doing more mobility