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Tuesday 20121218 Open Workout

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Strict press 3×5

Goal is use between 80-85% of your 1RM.  Remember on 7Dec your final set of 5 was at 80%.  If you forgot what you did, go here. Use the weight you used on that last set, or increase it

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5 Rounds For Time:
-3 Wall Balls –Throw as high as possible, no target
-6 Plyo pushups off a medicine/slam ball(left hand on ball, go  down in PU, explode up & left, landing with right hand on ball, repeat back and forth)
-200M run

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Video courtesy of ejpierini.  Example of the Plyo Push Ups.

The goal of all 3 moves in today’s WOD is EXPLOSIVENESS.  For the Wall Balls, you are not concerned about accuracy, just lanch the ball as high as you can.  Explode out of your squat.  Due to the extra height, you can either catch the ball or let it hit the ground and recover the ball.  Forthe Plyo Push Ups, EXPLODE off the medball to land on the other side.  For the Run, it is a 200M run, so SPRINT!  Quick, short explosions today!

Extra Credit:

Walking lunges (take bar from rack)(135/95)

3 rounds, 5 steps per leg

Cash Out:

Kettle Bell Kroc Rows – 3 sets with as heavy a kettle bell as possible

-Kroc rows are named after Matt Kroczaleski.  Think of it as a variation on the one-arm dumbell/kettle bell row. 

Video courtesy of Team MuscleTech.  As Matt explains, by the increased use of this type of row, it enabled an improvement in his dead lift.  Who couldn’t use that help?

Main points to remember…

  • Ensure a full range of motion by fully extending the shoulder at the bottom of the movement and really pulling it up and back at the top.
  • Your shoulders should be kept higher than your hips and your upper back should be at approximately a 15-degree angle to the floor.
  • Row the dumbbell/kettle bell in a straight line from directly below your chest up to the lower portion of your rib cage.
    • After two to three warm up sets, go all out for one max set attempting to hit either a weight or rep PR and shooting for at least 20 reps per set.
    • Perform Kroc rows with as much weight as possible and strive to go to complete muscular failure on the final set.