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Saturday 20121215 Open Workout

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brooke and carly's kids

Pic courtesy of Brooke Bynum.  Hope you and Carly don’t mind me putting your kids on here, but just look how much fun they are having.  This is what CrossFit should be for us all.  Grown up recess.  I’m not going to sit here and make a long speech on the recent tragedy in Newton, Conn, but if you have kids, hug them today, tell them you love them.  Tell a nephew or niece.  Be nice to each other.  Live, love, work out, get better, fitter, and have fun.  Make today a celebration.


20 minutes Goat Work –

Take the first 20 minutes to work on any skills you lack in.  Think of the things you went over on Thursday.  Were any of those goats for you?  If so, work them some more, or try a new area.  Split jerk not up to snuff?  Work it.  Hand Stand Push Ups or Handstand Walks not there?  Work the progression work.  Make it worth your time


double unders & butterfly situps

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Extra Credit:

2x Max unbroken butterfly pull ups

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Video courtesy of CrossFit Park City.  Chris Spealler giving a great demo for butterfly pull ups.  I know everyone gets things at different times, but until I saw this video, I couldn’t do them.  Then it clicked.  Hope it does that for someone today.

Cash Out:

Roll out calves

Tabata cobra pose (20 seconds hold pose, rest 10 seconds, for 8 rounds)