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Friday 20121221 Open Workout

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6 Rounds:

1 Power clean, to Push Jerk, to Split Jerk

Set starts every 2 min.

Spend 5-7 minutes prior to start working up to a heavy weight to use in sets. Weight should be heavy enough to push you, but not prevent you from getting through a round.

Post weight used to comments/LOGWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit One World.  Freddy Camacho going over set up and execution of both the Push Jerk and Split Jerk.  The one thing to watch is, notice when they guy lands in the Split Jerk, his front knee is slightly bending inward.  Avoid this.  Have your knee stay in line with your toes.  Also, try to make sure the back leg is as straight as possible as it will allow the weight to be right over your hips (center mass) in a stable position.  Bending the back knee will take away from that stability.


mayan april fools day

Your Last WOD before the End of the World 🙂


20 Min AMRAP:
5 One Arm KB Snatches L(1.5/1)
5 One Arm OHS L
5 One Arm KB Snatch R
5 One Arm KB OHS R
5 Chin Ups

Post rounds finished to comments/LOGWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit Relentless.  After your final KB snatch, you can set up right to your first KB overhead squat.  Keep your arm locked out, Keep the KB right over your head, use your other arm for counter balance if needed.  Set the feet like an air squat.  Squat down until the crease of your hip goes past your knee.

Extra Credit:

4 sets max reps strict ring dips

Cash Out:

GHD Sit Ups – 3 rounds max reps

HTFU purpose

Pic courtesy of  Words to live by.