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Thursday 20121213 Open Workout

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Skill Work:

Today, we will use the first 20 or so minutes of class to work on three skills most folks have difficulties with. Use this time to hone the skills rather than fly through the rounds.  Save that energy for later…

3 Rounds: Not for time (but want to be done in time for the WOD)
-10 Assisted Pistols
-3 Muscle Ups – Either  Jumping Muscle ups, kipping Muscle Ups,  strict Muscle Ups, or weighted Strict Muscle Ups  (if you have them)
-Double Unders (30% unbroken of your max unbroken)

Video courtesy of Technique CrossFit. If you do not have full pistols, try one of the assisting techniques covered in the video (only watch up to the 5:30 mark).  Goal is to get closer to RX’d.  If you have RX’d, try to string together all reps.

Weighted Muscle Ups, you say?  How do I do that?  Well, our own, Coach Bryan has an idea.


For Time:

Run 1 mile

4 min break

Run 1 Mile

Goal is to beat 1st mile time on 2nd

Post total time to comments/

Cash Out:

Heel Cord mash 1 min per side

Pigeon 2 min per side

Banded hamstring stretch 1 min per side