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Monday 20121231 New Year’s Eve WOD at 0900

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TactFitters!  Come get in your last WOD of 2012 at 0900 with Coach Bryan!



Pause squats

8 sets of  2 w/ a 3 sec pause

Use 60% 1RM for Back Squat


Set starts every 2 minutes

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD

Wth the pause squat, you need to come to a complete stop at the bottom.  No bouncing!  Keep that torque on the legs to stay coiled up like a spring, ready to explode!  Count one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three!  Then EXPLODE up!


3 Rounds For Time:


-Slam Balls

-Pull Ups

Barbell Farmer’s Walk (95/65 per side) length of the mats between each movement

(so 21 Slam Balls, Farmer’s Walk the length of the mats, 21 Pull Ups, Farmer’s Walk back the length of the mats, etc..)

3rd round ends with FW after 9 pull ups.

Post time to comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Billy Richards.  For the Barbell Farmer’s Walk, you need to balance a barbell in each hand for the length of the walk.  What I would do in your warm up is find the center of the bar, mark it with tape so you know where to grab.  Will save you having the bars see-saw up and down.

Extra Credit:

Dumbbell Bench Press, one arm at a time, while half off a bench.

Lay on a bench with edge of bench splitting your body in two.  Hold a DB in arm that is hanging off of the bench.  Plant the foot on that side firmly on the ground, and set other foot on bench.  Free hand lays right on stomach, does NOT hold bench.  Concentrate on full range of motion with DB.  Weight should not be overly heavy, but due to position, you will have to keep the core extremely tight to maintain control.  8 reps per side.

Cash Out:

3 Sets of 8-10 Reps – Glute-Ham Raises