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Monday 20121210 Open Workout

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Back Squat

15 minutes to get 3 sets of 5 with 85% of 1RM

So, the goal is all three sets at 85%. If you do not have an established 1RM, use the warm up sets to find a heavy weight for 5 reps to use.

Rest as needed, but the cap is 15 minutes

Post weight used to comment/

WOD: “Rollin’ on 20’s”

4 Rounds For Time:
20 barbell rollouts
20 double unders
20 toes to bar
20 box jumps (24″/20″)

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Video courtesy of elementallander.  For the barbell roll-outs, the goal is to use the round 5 pound plates on a barbell.  If you are new to the movement, use 25s (don’t use the 10s and they are not stable enough).  You can use an ab mat or regular mat for your knees if you need.  Maintain your lumbar curve, shoulder blades back.  Keep the core tight, roll out as far as you can with keeping the arms straight, then roll back up.

Extra Credit:

3 sets of 10 Front Squat w/50% of 1RM (done between sets of the cash out, which is……)

Cash Out:

4 set: Reverse Hypers – 15 reps


Picture courtesy of   How many of you get those butterflies in your gut before a WOD?  Don’t fear it.  Use it to push you on.  You’re nervous because you’re going to challenge yourself.  How do we improve?  We push past our limits and get better.  Get better today.  CAN!