20160625 Saturday Team WOD

Posted: June 24, 2016 by courtland07 in Uncategorized

Not only did we get to have an “old” friend in Salt back in the gym but we also have the great pleasure of hosting the Lt. Gen. Chris Nowland, 12th Air Force Commander

Team WOD

2013 Regional Team Event 6 (modified)

For Time:

-100 Double-Under, 50 Each

-50 HRPUs while the partner holds handstand

-50 Shoulder to overhead (95/65) while the partner holds front rack

-25 foot lunge in the rack by both athletes

  1. Nick says:

    When I looked at the WOD schedule of the week, this want what I saw. It had 25ft front rack lunge (95,65) and then one person holds front rack while the other does something else. Idk.

  2. Nick says:

    Is the hand stand free standing?

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