Tuesday 20130101 New Year’s Day WOD

Posted: December 31, 2012 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized


Welcome to 2013 TactFitters!  What better way to kick in the New Year than to kick some ass in the gym!

So, for your enjoyment, today’s WOD will be…



Fight Gone Bad – Championship Bout

5 Rounds For Total Reps:

-1 min Wall Ball (20/14)

-1 Min Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)

-1 Min Box Jumps (24/20)

-1 Min Push Press (75/55)

-1 Min row for Cals (1 cal = 1 rep)

-1 Min Rest

Score = total reps + total row calories

Post score to comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach Glassman explaining how Fight Gone Bad came to be.  Today’s version will be the Championship Round version, meaning we will be going for 5 rounds rather than 3.  Come get some!


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