Wednesday 20120222 Open Workout

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Midline awareness

Notice the position of the bar in the top position.  Bar is directly overhead.  This is what we call direct midline.  Perfectly over the center.  Notice bar postion at the bottom.  Bar is still over midline, which is now over the hills.  This drill will help you feel the shift.


8 rounds

45 sec max calorie row

45 sec max DU (No time break between rower and DU)

90 sec rest


Lowest calorie score added to lowest DU total

Record results/thoughts to comments/

Consistency on this is key!

Another great vid from the folks at Concept2Australia.  this one on common Rowing Technique Errors.  Does your rowing look anything like what you’re seeing in here?  If so, key in on the fixes and make your rowing motion the most effective it can be.

Cash Out

Low back roll out

Abductor stretch 3 min each

If you haven’t registered for the 2012 CrossFit Open yet, why not?  It’s the programmed WOD every Thursday for the next 5 weeks.  Might as well see how you fair against the rest of the world!  We’ll even help you film it to submit your results.

Go here

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