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Tuesday 20120221 Open Workout

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Kipping pull up progressions, technique

Good video from CrossFit Santa Cruz on controling your swing in the kip

Read the attached CrossFit Journal issue on kipping.

CrossFit Journal on Kipping Pull Ups

Notice how she opens the shoulders at the front and pushes away from the bar on the back.  From here, violently pull yourself to the bar, using a kip.  Chin must go above the bar with head in neutral position, no craning of the neck.  Do not count rep if you do!



100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 squats

Exercises are done in order.  You have to finish all reps of one exercise before going on to the next.

30 min cut off

With the cutoff set, if you need to scale, the goal is to try to finish at or before the time limit.  If  you scale back reps and finish in 5 minutes, guess what?  You scaled back WAAYYY to much.  If you go RX’d and only get through one exercise by the time limit, guess what?  You should have scaled.

The coaches will help you determine your scale if needed.  Once it is set, do everything you can to not deviate from it.

Scaling is meant to improve your performance, not make the WOD easy.  Be smart, check your ego at the door, but go all out!

Cash Out

Deep squat w abductor stretch

Flagpole stretch lats