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Tuesday 20120228 Open Workout

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Muscle Up transition negativies

In our fight to get a good muscleup, the negative is often forgotten.

The negative muscle-up will help you develop and the build the necessary stability and strength needed for this challenging exercise.

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Each set is performed on the minute:

5’s loaded at 70% of 1RM,

Add 5-10 for 3

Add another 5-10 for singles

So, first minute, set of 5, rest of that mnute will be used adding weight and resting.  Start of minute 2, set of 3,start of minute 3, do 1 rep with 5-10 pounds more than last set.  Then, start of minute 4 back to 70% for 5, ect…..

Record highest weight used to comments/

Maintain locked out legs in each set.  If you bounce, even a little, rep does not count.

Cash Out:

Band stretch shoulders

2 min each