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Sunday 20120205

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Graphic courtesy of RokFit

Once again, no classes scheduled, but for those who didn’t make it inSaturday (like me) due to weather, we will do WOD 1 and 2 from the RokFit Cyber Series at 10AM.  Then, hopefully an hour or so after we will do…

WOD #3

The Chipper

reps for time of…

Row 1000 meters
100 Double unders
70 Air squats
50 Toes to Bar
30 SDHP – Men – 2pd KB, Women – 1.5pd KB
20 KB Swing – Men – 2pd KB, Women – 1.5pd KB
10 Squat Clean Thruster – Men – 155lb, Women – 105lb


Row: Athlete must show that the rower is set at 1,000 meters and damper on 4. Then showing that rower is at 0 either right after the row or after workout is complete
Double Unders: Jump rope must pass under athletes feet twice at each jump, rep does not count if both passes do not make it through.
Air Squats: The athlete starts at a standing position then passing through a full air squat with hips below knees then stand back up with hips and knees fully extended.
Toes to Bar: Movement starts with arms in full extension. The athlete’s toes make contact with the bar. Not over or under.
Sumo Deadlift High Pull: Movement starts with KB on the ground, athletes thumbs must come in contact with collarbone area then KB must make contact with the ground to complete movement.
Kettlebell Swing: The bell will start with a portion of the bell behind the legs (under the body) and will finish overhead with the bottom of the bell vertical, arms locked out and ear or showing in front or partially in front of arms.
Squat Clean Thruster: Bar will start on the ground. The athlete may execute a clean passing through a full front squat with hips below knees and then execute the overhead press portion of the thruster without pause or stop. The movement ends with the athlete standing with hips and knees fully extended and fully locked out overhead.

As with yesterday, this is optional.  Think of it as a great way to work up your SuperBowl appetite!