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Graphic courtesy of RokFit

If you don’t know what the Cyber Series is, it is an event put on by the great folks at RokFit.  Think of it as a great primer for the CrossFit Open.  It is a two-day event (Sat-Sun) taking place at boxes all over the country (and probably outside the US as well).  There are two workouts scheduled for Saturday and one for Sunday.  There is no designated time for the WODs, as long as you do them before that day ends.  So, WOD 1 and WOD 2 on Saturday have to be done by 11:59PM Saturday night, and WOD 3 done by 11:59PM Sunday night.  For those registered to compete, your workouts must be taped and emailed in to RokFit’s site.

If you have not signed up, feel free to come in and still do the WODs. There will be no set classes.  Just come in and do them on your own if you want to. I will be out there after 2PM.  I’ll drop a comment when I know for sure what time.  Go to this page for more info as well as videos of what the standards are for each movement. Personally, I say do them just to work on the techniques in these WODs.  Don’t be intimidated by the weights being used.  Scale if you have to.

WOD #1

The Couplet

15-12-9 reps for time of…

Overhead Squat –  Men – 135lb, Women – 95lb Bar Facing Burpees


Overhead Squat: The OHS starts and ends in full lockout with head neutral. The athlete must pass  through a full squat below parallel. Bar must be taken from ground and use same bar for burpees. Bar Facing Burpees: Starts standing with full knee and hip extension. Athlete takes chest and thighs to  the ground and then jumps over the bar. Athlete must with both feet leaving and landing at the same time.

WOD #2

The Triplet

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps for time of…

OPT pull-up (chin breaks vertical plane)

DB Ground to overhead – Men – 50lb DB’s, Women – 30lb DB’s

Box jump – Men – 30″ Box, Women – 24″ Box


OPT Pull-Up: Athlete must start with arms in full extension and chin must break vertical plane of the bar each rep. DB Ground to Overhead: Object starts on the ground and finishes overhead with full lockout (only part of the DB needs to touch the ground, does not need to be flat on ground each rep, but left and right side must tap the ground) Box Jumps: Athlete must jump on top of the box and show stability with open hips before jumping back to the ground

Also, don’t forget, the weather is going to be crappy, so call the base weather line at 232-COLD before you head in to make sure the gym is open.

Once again, there are NO scheduled classes for Saturday.  if yo come in, you will be on your own, but most of the coaches come in through the day.  So come in, have fun, and be safe!


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For those of you who don’t know her, Marcy Jameson has been an integral part of the TOTF community from Day One.  She has done so much for getting us up and running, and is like family to us, and thinks of all of you as family as well.  Please see the above flyer for a very special benefit for her to help with her fight against cancer.  Just like when you’re down in the shit of a killer WOD, getting support from those around you can make you find that next gear to power through, with all the love and support I know you are capable of showing, I know Marcy will kick this cancer’s ASS!!

Also, please go to her website at


Once you have set up a username and password, you’ll be able to search for her page by marcyjamesonplautz

Show your love!  Here at TOTF, we look out for our own!