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Wednesday 20120208 Open Workout

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Power Clean Technique
Burgener Warm Up

Study up here (courtesy of


7 Rounds For Time
15 KB(1.5/1)
15 PC (95/55)
15 BJ (24/20)

For a little background on the origin of this Hero WOD,go here…(from
For those who haven’t done on of the Hero workouts, they are designed in honor of a fallen military member, law enforcement member, firefighter, ect…
We do them to honor their sacrafice and embrace the gift it is to be here to do these workouts.
So put your heart into this one!

Cash Out

Roll out lower back
quad stretch


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We are going to be doing away with our Tuesday 1700 class.  We will continue to have our 1200 class on Tuesday, but that will be the only class for the day.

In addition, our programming will now be for five days-on, two days off per week as opposed to 3-on, 1-off, 1-on,2-off that we have been doing.

This means, other than the On-Ramp folks, Thursday will no longer be a make-up day, but an actual programmed workout day.

For further explanation, please speak to one of the head coaches.

Thank you for your continued support.

TOTF staff