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Tuesday 20120207 Open Workout

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50 situps
50 leg raises
On the situps, work full range of motion
For leg raise from the ground to 8-12 inches no bent knee – can use hands under lumbar to support
Goal is to go unbroken, but partition as needed.  concentrate of maintaining perfect form.

Every minute on the minute for 20 min
3 weighted pull ups
3 weighted bar dips
alternate pull-ups one min – bar dips next, then pull ups next
10  min for each total
To hold the  weight, try using either one of our bands or a weight-holding belt from the regular weight area to hold either 1 small 5 pound plate, multiple 5 pound plates, one of the regular plates, a kettle bell, ect… If anyone can procure a weighted vest, bring it in.   go as heavy as you can with good control on both the pull ups and the dips.  If you can, increase weight every set.

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Post heaviest successful set to comments and
Cash Out
Lacrosse ball chest roll out
band stretch triceps
2 min each side for both

Look to our home page for a major announcement on programming changes for our program.  It’s the next step in the evolution….