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Monday 20120213 Open Workout

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A.  Muscle Up review

We’ll go over the basics and get a feel for hanging on the rings.

Courtesy of CrossFit One World

This vid covers alot of the points we’ll go over.

Two big keys are keeping the elbows in when you pull up and lean into the transition piece.

B. Push Press review

Things to remeber:

Full hip extension

Back straight on dip racking

Bar staying mid line
We will work up to a heavy 3RM


5 rounds for total reps

1 min each exercise;

High box jumps (36″/30″)

Muscle Up or Chest 2 Bar Pullups

PP – 60-70% of your 3RM


Post total reps and whether you went RX’d or scaled any parts to comments/

Cash Out

Lacrosse ball upper body,

flagpole (lat stretch)

2 min each, each side