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Thursday 20120209 Open Workout

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No, you’re not seeing things.  As we posted a couple days ago, we are begining to program for 5 days a week.  So today is not a rest/makeup day.  It is an actual wokrout day.  Don’t skip!  You’ll get a lot out of today!


Handstand and handwalking practice

We will work progression of the handstand –

Kip up to wall

Can do that easy?  Next kip up but  just kiss (don’t slam into) the wall with your legs, try to control, gently push away and try to hold handstand,

Then move to kipping up to hand stand without wall, with spotter

If this is successful, we’ll try some handstand walking.

Prior to the WOD, we will work more on snatches, ie, do some high hang work – snatch balance work, ect…


For time

10/8/6/4/2 Handstand Push Up

alternated with

5,4,3,2,1 Full Snatch (95/65)

Post time to comments/

Video courtesy of Portland CrossFit

Watch the difference between the kid who doesn’t get very far and the guy who makes it all the way down.  See the difference?  Did the kid get active shoulders prior to going down?  No.  Did he tighten his core and keep his legs together? No.  This is not to put down this kid.  Hey, he’s trying!  But these are common faults when folks try going up into both a handstand against a wall or free-standing.  But how do we get better?  Do what he is doing and what the guy who made it all the way down did.  Keep practicing.

Cash Out

Hip flexor stretch w band

shoulder stretch w band

2 min each side for both

Come get some!