Friday 20120217 Open Class Workout

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Skill/Strength Work

Dynamic Box Squats

Every Minute On the Minute for 10 min

2 Box Squats

These will engage the posterior chain like nothing else!  They will also stress the explosive fast-twitch muscle fibers.  Why is that important?  You want to be stronger?  Sprint faster?  Get that viloent pull to do a sucessful kipping pullup?  Fast-twitch fibers, my friend.

Important things to remember.  Fully warm up your hips and low back.  Wouldn’t hurt to come in a little early and start this on your own.

For box depth, ensure when seated, your hip crease is right at 90 degress.  That said, the box may only be a stack of bumpers.

Two major focuses here LEGS and BACK!  Keep them tight through the movement.  No relaxation in the sitting position – this is a must!  Each rep is separate – meaning reset yourself each time.

Sit to box with legs tight and back tight – Explode up! Dynamic piece is the execution piece that makes this a huge assistance exercise to the squat.  We’ll take a few sets with light weight to get you used to this.

Work up to using roughly 70% of your 1RM for regular back squat.   But remember, key is dynamic EXPLOSION!

Videos courtesy of Westside Barbell and Train to Hunt



15 unbroken Wall Balls (20/14)

If you break up the WB, you must start over on that round

200m run

Post weight used in box squats and WOD time to comments/

Cash Out

Pigeon pose deep lunge on box 2 min each per leg

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