Thursday 20140904 0600 Class

Posted: September 3, 2014 by ladygrape01 in Uncategorized
This past weekend Jeff, Kimberly, Haylle, Kelly, John, Homar, and Mimi competed at the Battle in the Fall by Vise. You all did an incredible job of representing TOTF! More pics to come…
Also, Battle in the Bluffs will be December 5, 6, 7th. Registration opens September 21st. Get ready! 
Only one class today due to a Field House event. 



Deadlift 3×70%


3+ x90%

add 10lbs complete a single x 3

For the singles, add 10# to your 90% and hit 3 singles. Rest 2min between singles. Increase Training Max- use 110% of 5RM as the TM, use 100% of 3RM as TM, use 85% of 1RM found last week  *if missed week prior- add 5lbs to UnBroken lifts and 10lbs to LB lifts. (do not max out)



W/U with easy 400m jog


Test: 400m Sprint
Rest 5 Minutes

Shoulder Mobility


Test:  Max Rep

Chest to Deck Push Ups


Scaling Options:

No running?  W/U and conduct 500m row sprint

No scale for push-ups.  If fail after ten or less reps, then test again using knees.

The goal here is to get some of those bench marks written down



10 rounds of

Farmers Carry x 50Yrd @ heaviest weight possible

Rest as needed between rounds

NOTE: 50 yds MUST be unbroken.  If you drop weight prior to 50 yd mark, start the round over.

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