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Monday 20140922 Open Class

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Ben Burdette got a max height of 46″ on the 2RM Seated Box Jumps Friday! Awesome work Ben! 



Over Head Press

3x 70%

3x 80%

3+ x90%

Emphasis on tight core, double chin prior to pressing, head through the window after bar is above head, and active shoulder at the top.  NO KNEE BEND!!!



3 Rounds For Time
1000m Row
1:1 Work/Rest ratio

Aim to stay +/- 5 sec each round

Straight up sprint!.  Make the stokes as efficient as possible.  No rounded backs or heels off the plate.  Hip drive!

Scaling Options:




Since we don’t have the cool attachment, just have the bar in a corner of a power rack. Video courtesy of Rouge Fitness.

Landmine twist

3 rounds

10 reps per side

Try to increase weight each round