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Tuesday 20140915 Open Class

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Another great photo from John Calhoun. We managed to wrangle nearly all of the athletes, judges, and staff from the Battle in the Fall. You’re all amazing! Picture courtesy of John Calhoun. More pictures available at



Back Squat



5+ x 85%

2 sec Pause Sets 5×3 @ 65%

Increase TM- add 5lbs to UB Lifts and OLY variations, and 10lbs to LB Lifts



1000m Row
50 Ring Pushup
750 Row
30 Ring Pushup
Row 500m
20 Ring Pushups

Make sure to keep your hands under your shoulders, and your core tight and strong on the ring push-ups.

Scaling Options: 

Ring Pushups – Hand Release Push-Ups



Pistol Work

Try to make progress no matter where you are at…if someone already has pistols…add weight and/or set a rep record.